It's All About Attitude

This has been a turbulent year for most of us. Our day to day lives have changed substantially. Many of us feel like we’re missing out on life and there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future. It feels like we’re on an ’emotional roller coaster’ which creates many difficult and intense feelings.

However, thing’s haven’t been as bad for everyone in equal measures. In some ways for some, normal pressures have been removed and we have had a rare opportunity for personal growth and development.

The adversity we confront in our daily lives may well vary in severity affecting the degree of challenge we face. But what matters is how we interpret and respond to the difficulties we meet. It is our attitude that can either make or break us.

Exploring The Positives

If we try to embrace a situation and find something that we can turn into a positive experience, we then choose not to become a victim of it. By resenting it we are simply rubbing salt into the wound  and making an already unpleasant experience even worse.

If we can learn to redirect our thoughts, emotions and actions in a more constructive way, our journey through whatever crisis we face can be so much more acceptable and perhaps even leave us in a better place.

Trying to see a crisis as an opportunity for growth and change is the mindset of the optimist. It’s this positive attitude and approach that will help us to weather the storm and set a good example to those around us.

Helping kids to understand the effect of their thoughts, words and actions is essential for their future well-being. We should encourage them to follow their dreams and believe they can achieve great things in life.

Even if they fail at something, we can motivate them to pick themselves up and carry on. It’s important to try to help them see the benefits or the possibilities of the situation they find themselves in.

For example, if your child was expecting an allowance but things are just too tight at the moment, help your kids to find ways to make their own money.  Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, this is a great lesson and possibly a great opportunity.

Create A Brighter Reality

Being forced to adapt to new routines is a chance to get creative – think outside the box! It can be a powerful way to unlock great new ideas. When change is forced upon us, it’s hard not to feel like we’ve lost control. But if it’s done with intention and self-awareness it can be a powerful tool to stimulate new thinking.

Recent events have shown us that when faced with no other choice, we can adapt quickly. As a result some people are enjoying getting to do things they never normally have the time to do.

Non-standard working hours have demonstrated there is a work/life balance to be had. There has even been a change in how we use technology and evidence supports we are working smarter to achieve the same results.

Putting a positive spin on things in testing times can really help to boost our well-being. It can reduce our stress, increase our energy levels and improve our immune systems.

Our mindset has a big impact on how we feel and it’s important for us to realise this. If we start by trying to consciously change the way we think, we can begin to develop the right mindset for our best life.