CEO: Gaurav Pawar
Its All About Journey is a fitness startup founded by Gaurav Pawar. He made his way to the fitness industry, a few years ago. It wasn’t an easy task to enter this currently booming industry. It was difficult because it was an unconventional field of studies. Gaurav dropped out of college to give
his dream a chance at success.
Gaurav values the importance of fitness. He truly knows the impact of leading a sick life v/s living a healthy and fit life. He wishes to change the lives of other fellow human beings through the medium of his services at Its All About Journey.
Gaurav has created various programs and departments at Its All About Journey to deliver fitness to people from all walks of lives.
Manifestation 21 was the first program that he created, and within two years of believing in himself, he made Its All About Journey reach 15k followers on Instagram and experienced tremendous growth.

Team’s Journey
Its All About Journey has changed over 400 lives and, has earned noble revenue along with a good name. Hundreds of people have been happy to put their trust in Its All About Journey.
Gaurav has seven departments contributing to people’s fitness journey, namely; Nutrition, Personal Training, Mind Setting, Admin, Management, Sales and Social Media Management Department.Its All About Journey is the highest paying company for freshers, in the fitness industry.
Its All About Journey Team
A team of 14 talented minds who are contributing to the growth of the company, Its All About Journey.
Nutrition planning and counselling handled by Mallika Vyas. Nutrition is a science and needs to be taught in this era of obesity and diseases. Mallika makes sure to attend to each client’s needs and offer relief, accordingly.

Gaurav Pawar

Personal Training is a premium service offered to clients and it is handled by Rutvik Chavhan and Vasundhara Upadhye. Being a Fitness Consultant it is their duty to provide enjoyable workout plans whilst bringing about immense transformations.
Without will, there can be no success. Its All About Journey makes sure to train the minds of their clients by their mindsetting coach, Samaira Rajput. Team Journey believes that compliance can become easier with a coach around who motivates and pushes you towards your goals.
To make sure more people recieve fitness transformations, sales team department works 24/7. Sales Team Head, Ruchita Sakhare, looks after sales execution along with Sales Team Members,Amisha Sharma, Nupur Mate, Kunal Dodeja, Prachi Kori. They give prospective clients all the information about their premium services and persuade them to achieve their health goals.
Team Journey is growing each day, hence the Admin Department makes sure everything at its all about journey runs smoothly. Pankaj Musale along with business master and manager, Sidhant Kisshor get this job done.
Social Media is the greatest tool to connect with people. Content Writer, Pooja Sahgal and Graphic Designer, Rushibhi Deskhmukh make sure to prepare quality content for readers online.

Impact of Lockdown
The lockdown made things difficult for everyone but Team Its All About Journey did not lose hope and continued to work harder to achieve their vision of a fitter world by consulting even more people during the pandemic. Team Its All About Journey made it a point to teach people the correct way of healthy living. Health is the need of the hour amidst panic of coronavirus in 2020.

Its All About Journey wishes to expand globally. Team Its All About Journey aims to reach every household and change their lives for the better.

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