Centuries ago, in a country called North bell, there lived a very wise king. At the onset of old age, the king started to worry about the next king of North Bell.

The king gave orders to challenge all the brave, wise men to come to the royal palace.

Hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life managed to show up on the doorsteps of the palace. They were tested on a number of grounds; including patriotism, valour, intelligence, kindness and honesty.

It took the royal think tank a week of uninterrupted schedule to shortlist three brave men, who happened to be brave, skilful, patient, wise and practical.

The day came when these men had to face a final test in front of the king. It was a test of pressure on the nerves of the three chosen men, to be able to meet the king in person and to prove their worth in that short time.

It was not the only reason the test seemed daunting. It was also about the fear of the unknown, the mystery it enveloped. Trying to keep their minds strong, they tried hard to think of the scenarios they could be tested on.

‘It could be a bullfight, like a gladiator, until two of us die’. One of the candidate Wug suggested.

‘It could be a sport, something not deadly like you suggest, but something to see the sportsman spirit, the passion and perseverance. The king could be looking for a peacemaker in contrast to the warrior that you may suggest’. The second candidate Shas suggested.

The third candidate proclaimed. ‘If I was the king, I would judge for the analytical skills. I could hire the warriors and the negotiators being a king. I would need the wisdom to use both accordingly in the required situation’. The third candidate Lin suggested.

And there they were all. In front of the king, in a very majestic palace. Was it the awe of the big formal palace, the presence of the mighty king, or the importance of the fact that their fate was going to be decided? It was all a bag of very mixed emotions that weighed heavily upon their shoulders.

After the short formal ceremony, they heard a loud announcement.

‘The king is looking for a very wise and talented person. Someone who has the nerves, the wisdom and the awareness of true self-worth. You will all be given an identity by the King, with that self-image you will have to prove yourself to the king what you are capable of’.

The three men in a state of confusion looked up at the king. They wondered what role, honour or task will be bestowed upon them. They thought of all the most honourable disposition, of dauntless tasks, to test love and sincerity with their homeland. The king thought for a moment and then took a quill pen and made a small tiny dot on a blank piece of paper.

‘This is your new identity, your new rank. How would you all represent yourselves with your new rank status’.

The three men look bewildered. Yet they were the best of the best. Without showing any signs of nervousness Wig stepped forward and stated,

‘Your majesty, it is an honour to be in the presence of you. Introducing myself I am an eye, the sight, the lens. I inculcate both knowledge and the wisdom to use the power of the brain behind me. I have the power and facility to focus and concentrate on the truth, to glance and ignore the irrelevant and uncertainties. I am the light, the awareness the consciousness. With my service, the majesty will be able to see the truth, outside the flatter box; of hypocrisy and foul play’.

‘Good answer, Who would like to go next?’ The King asked.

Shas stepped forward and bowed down, ‘long live the king of North Bell. Royal Highness may I have the privilege to introduce myself, I am a drop of rain, the only recourse for an agricultural territory of North-bell, the very rain that grows flowers, trees and above all grains. I am an important part of the water cycle that makes more part of the Earth’s surface than the land. Without me the plants will wilt, animals will die, there will be droughts, famines and eventually no life. With my service, your highness will be able to build the agriculture, the trade at the sea, to grow and store more crops and eventually make more resources. We could produce more, store in advance and plan by studying weather in a detailed way. Which will relieve us from the dependency on our neighbouring countries’.

‘It is indeed an interesting take’. The king answered in his royal majestic voice. ‘What do you have to say, young man’.

Lin moved forward and bowed down. ‘I thank the king of North Bell for giving an opportunity to present my self. Your Highness, in one way I am nothing. I am only a small particle, an atom in the midst of a big universe. Which makes me feel very humble and grounded. In another way, I am capable of growing fast, by multiplying. I am the drop of blood, of ink, that thought and that element that gets attached to the right element to make a Big Bang. My power is in strength, in the people, in the unity. I am the crown of creation for It’s all in the one contained…I have the wisdom from the universe. I may not appear exalted yet, as It appears I stand alone. I stand alone as I am a born leader. Do not take me weak, I will have behind me a nation. I have all within me what it takes, what your Highness is looking for.’

‘Look no further,’ the king said, ‘I have found my successor.’

Lin was chosen to be trained for the next few years to be the king of North Bell.

King Lin was renowned in the history for his strength, his connection, the power and the authority. He had the sight and understanding to serve others and value them. He had flexibility like water to adjust, to treat others as equals, to believe in self-help first before looking outside at others for help’.

North Bell had a great new king. While I end the story on the same small dot. In a sky of darkness here is a reason to shine when you know you have it all in you.

Whenever we are made to feel small, it is perhaps a time to think big.

After all, it’s all in the one contained.


  • Uzma


    Writing is my medium to spread the colours of hope. We all go through times of high and low. What’s important is our response, the struggle, the survival and the positivity. Trying to pass on through my writing, that beacon of light, that magnet of gratitude and key of hope that we all desperately need from time to time.