A few years ago, as part of our strategic plan, we decided to begin each year by creating a quote that will set the stage for our focus and direction.  We choose a topic or theme that has been resonating with our clients and has been part of the discussion throughout the year.  It is the foundation for our advertising and marketing campaigns and it is the statement we refer to when we need reassurance.  The driving force behind the story for next years journey.

Our new year begins in September. 

It is the start of our fiscal year, a time when the kids go back to school and speaks to new beginnings…

This past year our focus has been on legacy and the fact that each and every one of us connects with our communities leaving an impression on everyone we meet.  We’ve made a connection between our footprint and personal style.

Legacy has set the stage for sharing entrepreneurial stories. We started the initiative as an extension of the book Breaking Barriers, 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories  which was published in 2016, written on a platform of business innovation, mentorship and philanthropy.   This year, our biggest endeavour has been our guest blog series, Share Your Stories.  It is about ordinary people just like you and me who are taking a leap of faith, putting themselves out there and doing extra-ordinary things.  Athletes, authors, entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders who take us behind the scenes into the story behind the story.   

We will feature 100 stories this year.

The foundation for the series is that each person shares their lightbulb moments and 3 words of advice.   We enjoy reading about the success of others because it fuels our passion and inspires creativity which leads to inspiring great ideas. Nothing has ever been invented or started without a little imagination.

Legacy, by definition is something that we leave behind for the next generation.  It is part of our contribution and commitment to leave a positive impression with our friends, family and colleagues.  It is how we would like to be remembered, connecting us with our core passion and vision.  

Have you ever wondered “why” we do the things that we do? 
Meet the people that we meet?
Travel the distance that it takes to get the job done?

The answer is usually connected with our purpose and contributes to our legacy.

At times, we may stumble along the way but when we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off we usually find that the road ahead creates new opportunities through lightbulb moments. For most of us, we have to become comfortable with the idea of being outside our comfort zone. 

That is where the magic happens…It is how we learn from each other and creates a human connection that goes beyond the story.

We are looking forward to a another new year and invite you to connect with us so we may share your story as part of your legacy.  

Mentorship…sharing stories to inspire great ideas.

Its all in the style of your shoe! 

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, and Coach Trainer. She provides keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations and supporting a new definition for success.