Women dancing feeling energy around her

It’s all just energy. Energy is everywhere around us, in us and on us. 

Everything is made up of energy. The chair you are sat on, the food you eat, your body, people you love and even the money you earn. There is no escaping the stuff. The universe is made up of it.

Energy is vibrating, pulsating and moving. If there is no energy in it, it’s dead.

As Albert Einstein said “Everything in Life is Vibration” 

You probably remember hearing about atoms at school.

But if you are anything like me you probably didn’t pay much attention at the time. It wasn’t until later in life that I started listening and learning about atoms and vibrational energy.

Atoms vibrate at different speeds or frequencies and this vibration dictates whether something appears solid or not. Nothing is ever 100% solid though, if you look really closely you will see lots of little atoms vibrating, with space between them.

Sound is a vibration and so are thoughts. Everything that manifests in your life does so because its vibration and yours match, and it is the matching of those vibrations which create the basis for your relationships.

As everything is energy and once energies match you have an energetic relationship that connects you.

So the people that you enjoy being with in your life: loved ones, colleagues, friends, employees, clients, you love being with them because your energies align.

The places you love to go to, the music you listen to regularly, the hobbies and situations you repeat again and again all resonate with you energetically creating a relationship.

And by the same token when you meet someone, go somewhere or do something and you feel an instant dislike that is your energies not syncing. Maybe your vibrational energy is quite high and fast, and the other slow and low. Whichever way around it is you are not likely to make time for that energy in your life again real soon.

So what does this mean to our lives and how can we use it to help us?

By aligning with energies that match yours your life, business and happiness will greatly improve. When you are in alignment it all seems effortless.

You could choose to only connect with matching energies, which is great if your energy is high, but what if your energy is low and your general state is unhappy?

What then? You don’t want to be attracting more unhappiness into your life. Then you have to start by changing your energetic vibration and so bringing more ‘good vibrations’ (cue the Beach Boys song) into your reality.

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” Abraham-Hicks

You’ve probably heard the law of attraction quote that ‘like attracts like’, well imagine that as like reflects like. So if you want to be happy and loved but your energetic vibration is that of an unhappy unloving person then you can’t connect with happy and loved.

You have to Be what you want to attract into your life. Your energy needs to vibrate at the same frequency as what you want.

I remember longing to be happy in my marriage but nothing seemed to make a difference. When I came across the law of attraction I began to understand that my unhappiness was keeping the marriage unhappy, so I either had to change my energy or remove my energy from the situation. 

The same with your business, your clients and employees. As a business owner you are responsible for setting the vibrational level within the workplace. If you set it high then people will love being involved with you and your business will flourish.

Then there is money. People often have negative connotations surrounding money and wanting it, but it is energy too. If your energy drops when you feel guilt about wanting money then you aren’t going to attract it.

Think of it like a family member. If they knew you didn’t love them they wouldn’t visit you, would they? Money is the same, if it comes it won’t stay unless you love and appreciate it and raise your vibration when you are around it.

You can change your energetic state if you find yours attracting things that don’t see you living your dreams.

One really good way of changing state quickly is music. If I feel myself slipping into unhappiness and low energy I put on some upbeat music (it could be classical, jazz or whatever you know will make you feel good) and dance around. I get excited by the dancing, I feel energised and my state lifts.

And don’t forget people can feel your energy, so before you meet people, go into meetings or start work on marketing and projects take stock of your energetic vibration. If it needs raising then do that before you start because otherwise whatever you come into contact with will carry an imprint of your low energy, and that’s not good!

So remember that everything is energy and you have the power to create a good or a bad connection. If you don’t like the energy level, change it, nothing is set in stone.

Author: Tara Chatzakis is a Life Happiness and Law of Attraction Coach. She lives on the Isle of Wight with her 3 daughters. Tara works with people to improve their energetic relationships with themselves, their loved ones, employees, clients and businesses. Creating an alignment that allows uninterrupted energetic flow that brings abundance, joy and happiness. Tara can be found at www.tarachatzakis.com


Photo by Clara Ngo from Pexels

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels