A concept that people latch onto when pursuing a spiritual path is the notion of an absolute reality; that God, spirituality, consciousness or whatever you want to call it supersedes everything else. This can lead to seeing things as black and white, true or untrue (or worse yet, relevant and irrelevant), which in and of itself causes duality in one’s thought process. And remember, the idea behind spirituality is to unite consciousness so that we no longer see anything as separate from God. Not only is the idea of an absolute reality in this world completely false, it’s also dangerous. Absolutism in any form is the root of evil. It causes people to be judgmental, hypocritical, prejudiced and dismissive of things that don’t align with their version of truth.

The thing about life is that it is completely relative. There is no way to deny this when you directly observe day-to-day life. There are universal truths and laws that govern reality, but the beautiful thing about them is how differently they are expressed in a very relative, always-changing world. Not convinced yet that life is all a string of relativity? Modern reality TV is a great example of relativity. Two people competing against each other are both extremely talented, but only one will win. And the things that sets a winner and loser apart are often quite small. While winning or losing doesn’t mean one person is better than the other (although people tend to perceive it this way), lives can be made or broken based on the outcomes of a competition.

And don’t think this is isolated to the world of TV and entertainment. Lives are constantly shaped based on opportunities or lack of them. Think about your last job interview. This is completely relative, too. You’re competing against other qualified people who mostly all have the same skillset that you do. So what is it that sets you apart from the rest? How do you differentiate yourself? Let’s look at how relativity applies to relationships. What sets you apart in the world of dating or making new friends? You are constantly being evaluated in comparison to someone or something else.

Part of the mystery of God and life is in the how and why things happen, and this is why it is important to always be the best possible version of yourself. Absolutism can lead to the false notion that things have a pre-determined outcome, which is a convenient way of dismissing your own obligation to give your best into every situation you find yourself in.

We live in a world where people are judged and evaluated based on the people around them or based on the past experiences a person has had. This is life. It’s basic human nature and how we process reality. We try to be the best at something so that we can be successful, but the only thing we can be the best at is in maximizing our own uniqueness and purpose. Your unique combination of talents and strengths are often the only thing that sets you apart and makes you different from everyone else.

In a world where all things are relative, your chances for success become greater when you learn how to be uniquely you and stop trying to be like everyone else. Passion, purpose and personal power are rooted in you being fully yourself, and so is your health and overall well-being. Your charisma has everything to do with how you honor everything that you are and have experienced; it’s not based on how good you are at something. The next time you try to set yourself apart from the crowd, instead of striving to do something better, strive to be a better version of yourself. Your success may well depend on it.


  • Jaya Jaya Myra

    Author, Motivational Speaker & Creator of the Well Method

    Jaya Jaya Myra is an internationally acclaimed author, keynote & motivational speaker, and creator of The Well Method. After healing herself naturally from debilitating fibromyalgia, Myra developed The Well Method to teach others the 4 cornerstones to a purpose driven, healthy life. Her approach to wellness and purpose shows their intrinsic interconnection, why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for everyone, and how to find what will work for you. Myra's debut book, Vibrational Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness. Understand Your Energetic Type is published in 10 languages and is available worldwide. Myra's upcoming book, The Soul of Purpose, is being published October 2020 by Post Hill Press. Jaya Jaya Myra is also the Founder & Director of the 501c3 non profit organization Gita for the Masses, teaching spiritual practices that promote conscious character development, inter-religious dialogue & interfaith harmony.