Our programs and syllabus in ‘The Little Makers’, aims at igniting a child’s interest in his / her learning. To us, play is perhaps the greatest setting for learning life skills, social interaction, STEAM knowledge and science integrations. Learning happens best when you’re excited about it. A natural play and stress-free environment is perfect for developing the interest and skills because it pushes the children to always give their best.

To enjoy learning, among other things, one needs to take pleasure from accumulated knowledge, this requires a curious mindset. Instead of we teach children the sciences, we give them a taste of it. If we let children tap into their potential by mastering concepts and being able to exercise their own creation, children can start to participate as a researcher, an artist, an entrepreneur and even more.

Jan-2019 is all about our Soda Lab – our Science Lab was running soda laboratory experiments, which is incredible and entrancing for every child. The theme of the month (Soda Lab), blended observation on carbonation, nucleation sites effect (Physics reaction), DIY soda (Chemistry reaction), the Explosive Soda Secret – Burp, are just a few of the FUN experiments, blending in Chemistry and Physics.

Chemistry looks at the ways matter changes and transforms to create the Universe that we know. Chemistry knowledge is everywhere around us, not only in the fields of pharmaceutical, engineering, agriculture, etc. Fantastic phenomena of a magic is explainable through Science, even chef is using chemistry to prepare delicious meals. Children joined us in January, became the wizard of their own. By understanding chemistry we could better understand the world around you and how it works. Having the knowledge of the laws of chemistry, experienced the demonstration of striking transformations of matters.

Human’s learning ability is amazing, our senses are the ways we explore the world and understand what is going on around us. Activities that stimulate the senses help our young learners to develop and function at its peak.

To allow our children to learn best is to put them to use their multi-sensory experience in the hands-on science experiments and activities.

✅ Sense of Sight – What did you see?
✅ Sense of Sound – What noises did you hear? Anything you could relate to?
✅ Sense of Smell- How did it smell like? Do you like it?
✅ Sense of Taste – Did you like the taste? Do you like it?
✅ Sense of Touch – How did it feel?

Not only did we do Chemistry and Physics concepts, but also experiment approach and the process, where we made their lab works becoming more meaningful, engaging and related to the world around them. In our labs, the children may question on preconceptions, discuss and feedback in a team and hands-on on works+projects.

In 2019, our integrated STEM and STEAM education programs are redesigned towards adaptive learning and applied knowledge. Encouraging independence and applied learning in young children has a wide array benefits for the child. STEM & STEAM is such a fascinating curriculum where many amazing things to learn and discover, it’s through encouragement and freedom, curiosity is sparked.

Suggestion received from the National Education Policy review committee. “Knowledge is one; it cannot be compartmentalised and should be integrated instead” The way forward, Dr. Maszlee (MOE) added, is to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) a way of life. “STEM education will be updated to become STREAM, including the vital components of Arts and Read­ing.”

It’s always the small pieces that make the BIG picture.
Here we are, The Little Makers and team.

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