For many of us, the only thing old-fashioned about this year’s Easter will be the look of the above cartoon.  

Covid-19 has made sure of that. 

With so many families spread apart and quarantined to boot, I have no doubt that Zoom will become part of this year’s holiday celebration for many, including me.  Thankfully, we have such options available to us today — the benefits of technology beyond merely returning our children back to school, virtually anyway.

Another adjustment for many will be “the hiding of plastic eggs.”  Again, new for me too.  We usually hide actual hard-boiled eggs.  Given, gold is easier to acquire over a store-bought egg these days, I anticipate that many will sacrifice the luxury for fear of starvation.  Like my youngest who will be coloring six eggs this year at most, the eggs he will be hunting for will be of the multicolored, plastic kind.  I decided to place a few coins and dollars in each of them to lessen the blow.  Who knows?  We may never go back once life returns to normal. 

Many will also be sending gifts, flowers, and cards to loved ones who can’t join, embracing the added expense of the holiday in relationship to the phrase, “How can I not” as opposed to “I cannot afford it.”  Pondering the viciousness of this virus as well as the wake-up call it has given many, completely understandable.

And finally, I have no doubt in my mind that the depth of prayer and gratitude in relationship to this holiday and particular circumstances – even and especially at the hands of ‘forced change’ – will be unlike it has ever been before despite the fact that no one will be attending church.  Remember, God is everywhere anyway.  No pew required.

These are unusual times, my friends.  So no worries that your hair looks somewhat shaggier and your nails aren’t perfectly manicured.  The adaptability of human-kind is showing itself, daily and at Easter too.  Enjoy the day regardless of the newness in which you will celebrate.

“Grace” has been showered upon you given you can.  

I wish you all a Happy Easter & Passover.