It's Just How It Is

There are times when we can’t do much to change our situation, we just have to accept it for what it is. What defines us is how we respond to it. If we take a step back and see the bigger picture, we may be able to get creative and actively work to make the situation better. It’s important we learn from difficult times, rather than feeling wounded by unpleasant experiences, we should take the opportunity to grow in wisdom.

As we pick apart an awful situation, we can begin to see what went wrong and how we could have behaved or done things differently. This mindset can help us to embrace life’s struggles knowing they can possess a silver lining.

Cultivating Positivity

These are unprecedented fearful times filled with difficulties, health challenges, financial struggles and social disconnection. Some mornings just getting out of bed feels like a huge challenge. However, a negative mindset will just add another layer of despair. The power of positivity is immense and it’s rooted in a sense of gratitude. Looking at what we have rather than what we lack is the quickest pathway to happiness and peace-of-mind. Evidence supports that when we’re grateful, we’re happier and more content with life.

When we stay positive, we’re putting ourselves in the best possible position to make it through the tough times. We begin to cultivate a confident attitude which in turn, will begin to boost our self-esteem. As our faith in ourself grows we start to perform at our best.

When our self-esteem is higher we not only feel better about ourselves, we are more resilient too. Being able to deal with and bounce back from the difficulties of life is part of a more positive outlook. Believing in our own abilities can help us cope with the stresses of life and after all, when it comes to our own self-worth, only one opinion truly matters and that’s our own.

A Different Path

It’s important we try to embrace change, by learning to be more adaptable we are better equipped to respond when things don’t go as we planned. If we try to focus on the opportunities we can create from the unexpected, rather than being consumed with negativity, we can keep a positive perspective and begin to help ourselves.

For example, we could combine our need for financial gain together with our desire for social interaction and get involved with on-line friendships, or even try getting paid to go on virtual dates. By re-framing our situation and turning a negative into a positive,  we’ve been able to satisfy a personal need whilst creating a business opportunity. When we come to terms with the reality that is, we are conscious enough to investigate our circumstances from a different viewpoint.

The key to re-establishing ourselves is taking control of our responsibility, reactions and eventually our situation. Negative emotions are the single biggest enemy that any of us have. Remember we have complete control over how we feel and think. It’s our beliefs and expectations about a person, event or situation that cause our feelings – others do not cause them, we cause them ourselves. So the next time we’re feeling down or distressed about something, we need to consider that the solution is in our own hands.