This week it’s my 7th SOBER BIRTHDAY!!

I am 57 years young and I feel so utterly blessed, not because of the flowers, cards, messages – all showing a love and care for me that brings me to grateful tears, because, lovely though they are, the truth is I have a more precious gift, I have the gift of a peacefully sober life.

And with this peacefully sober life, come the other wonderful, previously unknown gifts of Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Respect, Freedom, Resilience, GRACE and JOY, a pure joy that isn’t always loud and blaring, but quiet and safe within me.

These gifts, along with so many more, pop up every day into my awareness, because I have released all my thoughts, fears, stress and struggle around alcohol.

This is life as it was destined to be. Back at my home base of me. This is life as it is destined to be for you too.  I promise you.

There was nothing I could buy my son that would bring the smile of love and gratitude I see on him every day now. Nothing

The only gift he ever wanted from me, was for me to be sober, safe, happy and well, and he has those now. These are gifts to both of us.

So, please lovely, before you pick up your first drink tonight, follow these simple steps and start the journey of wonder back to, free from you alcohol stress and pain too.

  1. Breathe….its so simple.  4 – 5 long, slow deep breathes.  This alone takes you from stress to calm.  It loosens your trapped alcohol thinking/feeling straightjacket, it takes you from close to tears to closer to peace.
  • Drink a large glass of water to give you energy, both physical and emotional.  Knock it back if you have to and wait 5 minutes – notice that your cravings have died down.
  • Go into GRATITUDE, get a pen and paper and list who/what you are so profoundly grateful for.  Start each one with, ‘I am so thankful for…..’ this will shift your energy away from lack and into the abundance of life.
  • Look in the mirror, look into your beautiful eyes, you all have them, and see your soul look lovingly back at you.  Your soul is who you are, not what you do (drink). 
  • Hug yourself, tell yourself how proud you are of you, because you are!  You are always doing your best to be your best, so acknowledge, and then
  • Move forward with the grace and inner resilience the previous steps have created. 

This simple, self-loving routine works….you just have to pause and do it!

You don’t need to stay trapped in your drinking. I didn’t know that during my 28 years of drinking struggle and stress, but from the day I started just to do Step One, to BREATHE, I realised that freedom was within me.  It is within you too.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.


 PS. This was my FIRST sober birthday, normally I would have been a total mass. Instead, look how proud and happy I am with my gorgeous friends