Haven’t we all? Why do we so carefully tuck them into the shadows? It’s frustrating when people are up and coming and think that it’s all sunshine and roses when it comes to building a business. We all know that’s not true. There’s hard work, there’s a grind, and there are good moments and bad. It takes time to find success and many years of hard work.

When I first came across Gianna Badot, she was talking about passion, and how passion drives success. We’ve heard it before, but Gianna adds the dose of reality that many need to hear, and for that, she’s a big win in my book. She’s not afraid to admit there were difficult roads on the path to success.

Gianna Contillo Badot

It’s refreshing to hear what others have been through, and how focusing on your mindset is an important part of the puzzle. She has a podcast where she talks about business and emphasizes how important the right frame of mind can be to your success. It’s about getting back up, even after you fall. Her podcast, “The Passionate Boss Podcast” is a great place to start if you want to learn about mindset. She also offers a free mini-workshop that shows you how to scale your business with precise actions you can follow.

She started building her business at 18 but changed paths over the course of years, travel, and introspection. The ability to pivot and find a missing connection is something we all need to think about. A lot of times when building a new business, we’re hooked on an idea, but it may not be ideal in the form you’re first thinking about. The ability to adapt and see opportunity is another important piece of the puzzle.

This business mentor and high-performance life coach use her skills, many years of training, and life experience to help others reach and attain their goals. What have you been dreaming of doing, that you haven’t attempted yet? Maybe it’s time to give Gianna a call.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to building a business, I’ve seen my own share of wins and losses, but like many others, I don’t like to showcase those losses. Maybe it’s pride. Maybe it’s the fear that people won’t respect my goals and visions. Regardless, I like how she embraces those moments as moments to learn and grow. I agree. What about you? Ready to take a look at your fails and see what you can learn from them?

If you’d like to learn more about Gianna and her passionate-driven push to help you go further, check her out at PassionateBoss.com. She strongly advocates being your authentic self and loving what you do. She looks forward to launching a coaching program in 2021 to train other coaches in transformation and mastery, so if you’re an aspiring coach or looking to expand your area of expertise, be sure to watch for her upcoming certificate course.