The remnants of Hurricane Ida caused record-breaking floods and spawned tornadoes across the Northeast. Tens of deaths have been attributed to this storm through its torrential rainfall across eight states. A flash flood emergency was declared for the first time in history in New York City as the whole region’s infrastructure was severely disrupted. Why is this happening in U.S.? Because it is the most developed country and it has a role to fulfill. It is not nature’s punishment or revenge but an opportunity to repair our human behavior.

“We have entered a process of increasingly escalating pressure. This is why the method of connection has become revealed, explaining how we need to begin adapting ourselves to nature.”

Michael Laitman

Besides the flooding in the Northeast, in the West, eleven states have experienced large multiple fires and hundreds of homes have been destroyed around the internationally renowned area of Lake Tahoe. 

Natural disasters happen everywhere in the world and not necessarily on a lesser scale than in the US. The difference is that America is the most advanced country, the center of attention in the world, so we hear more about it and pay more attention to the events unfolding there. There is a purpose for that. Nature wants everyone in the world to wake up and start pondering more deeply where we are heading to and what we must do to change the planet’s direction.

We usually make calculations about past actions, “look what they did and now they are paying for that.” As if the U.S. has done more harm than others to the environment and so they are punished by nature. That is not correct.  We simply do not understand the laws of nature. We interpret what happens according to an egoistic account, like a bill the rich and healthy need to pay in contrast with the poor and sick. Or if whoever steals more will receive a greater punishment. But the method of connection works with no reservations or egoistic selection. Everyone must reach the state of “love your neighbor as yourself.”

First, in a circular ecosystem, everyone has their share of responsibility for the poor state of the Earth. Secondly, nature does not take revenge. Its purpose is the correction of our incorrect human state. We do not long for connection, for love and bestowal among each other. Therefore, nature gives us all kinds of conditions that are increasingly harsh. This is in order to soften our hearts and bring us to human relations that are based on mutual consideration and care.

What leads to natural disasters and crises is solely because of our relationships at the human level —the highest in nature— in our connections. At the level of our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors toward each other, we cause ripples throughout human society and nature. Consequentially, nature reacts to us according to how we relate to each other.

If we narrow the gaps between us, aiming to positively connect, then we will experience positive reactions from nature. If we relate in a negative manner to each other, aiming to harm and exploit others for personal benefit, then we will face negative reactions from nature. This is what we are currently experiencing.

The feeling of nature’s approaching integral form should spark in us a sensation of urgency, like immediately after a breaking news announcement about an event endangering the whole planet.

We have entered a process of increasingly escalating pressure. This is why the method of connection has become revealed, explaining how we need to begin adapting ourselves to nature.

If we desire a better future, we must develop altruistic bonds between us in order to adapt to nature’s altruistic form. Then the entire ecosystem will be perceived as pleasant and balanced.