When we make resolutions, we often do so with ‘push’ energy, as an act of willpower, and often with a focus on getting rid of bad habits, like the eternal five pounds, or sugar, or bingeing on Netflix. The truth is that willpower is the least of our powers. Trying to eliminate a bad habit with the will is like trying to hold a beach ball underwater: you can do it for a while, but sooner or later, it’ll pop back up by its natural buoyancy, the moment you get tired or distracted. And the truth is that the habits we obsess about changing are merely symptoms of much deeper-seated paradigms and programming that, until they are made conscious, will continue to cause us to self-sabotage in oh-so-many ways.

If you really want to see change in your life, what is required is a change of mindset.

This is the quantum leap approach to transformation. Resolutions belong to the thought-mosphere of belief that we should consult prevailing conditions to see what we can have. This keeps us living our life in circles, essentially experiencing the same year over and over again with different clothes and (maybe) scenery. If you’ve truly had enough of that, it’s time to think outside the box, and make a resolution to make no more resolutions! 

Changing your mindset starts with Vision. Specifically, a Vision Statement. For your life. If you’re not regularly working with a well-calibrated Vision Statement, you’re missing out on one of the greatest tools for consciously creating a life that you love. I believe that if this crucial skill were taught in schools, we would see a major transformation of consciousness on our planet even more quickly, and some of our most seemingly entrenched human conflicts would magically dissolve.

You can create a Vision Statement for any arc of time, from a day to a year to a lifetime. A well-crafted Vision Statement has enormous power; it functions like an antenna, sending a signal to the universe about who you have decided to be. It gives the molecules of the universe an energetic template to organize themselves around so that you can consciously create the results that you want, again and again. A Vision Statement expresses your strong intention as a Creator Being. 

Bringing dreams into reality is not pie-in-the-sky; it’s a systematic process that anyone can learn.

I teach people techniques for crafting powerful Vision Statements which compress time, and bring the invisible into the visible, as well as the optimum ways to work with them. Crafting a Vision Statement is one of my favourite things to do, and once you learn how, it’ll become one of yours too! Why? Because it’s just FUN to dream up the most amazing life you can imagine for yourself, knowing that you truly CAN have it.

Here are my top tips to help get you started!

  • Pay attention to your longing and your discontent. What are you longing for in life? Where do you feel contracted or frustrated? Spirit is speaking to you through these feelings, and it’s important to respect and listen to them.
  • Unlock your imagination with this powerful question: what would I love? What would I love if time, money, experience, gender, age, (i.e. conditions) were no object?
  • Write your vision in the present tense, as if you are already living this life. In your mind, you are!
  • Employ the Law of Specificity to make your vision as visceral as possible. Use words that evoke images and emotion in you, and describe the results in definite and measurable ways (how much income exactly are you bringing in? What are the qualities of the soulmate you have attracted in your ideal life?)
  • Think, write, and speak your vision every day (or twice a day) to stay connected to its energy, putting yourself right into the feeling-picture of it.

Here’s good news: the fact that you can imagine something and dream it up in the mind of the Infinite means that it is already within the field of your potential. Otherwise, you would not be able to conceive of it in the first place! Realize also that you don’t need to know how anything in your vision comes about — that’s not up to us to orchestrate. Our job is to stay focused on the outcome, while taking whatever steps we can with what we’ve got, from where we are right now. And in case there’s a voice telling you that it’s somehow selfish to write a Vision Statement or to want more from life, consider that living a life you truly love living makes you a light in the world, and inspires other people to do the same. Imagine what a different place this world would be if every single person felt truly alive and fulfilled. To quote Howard Thurman “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive”.

The law of the universe says that you can have anything you are willing to become a vibrational match for. Receive this message from me now: there is so much more waiting to come through you, for you, than you have ever imagined. You have a Purpose that is beyond what you realize, and the Infinite brought you into Being to fulfill that purpose. Take heart, and think bigger than resolutions. Or at least, resolve to have the courage to allow yourself to dream, and to develop that which has been given to you, and only you, to do. If you don’t bring your dream through, it will be lost to the universe. This is your time. What would you love?