Crazy story.

Women have to struggle in today’s world to make it. That’s part of the story that I have carried around for years. I believed that it was a man’s world.

Men got all the high paying jobs. Men got life easy. They could drink, party and enjoy life, while women had to struggle through it. Finding it hard to find decent-paying jobs, dealing with our periods every month, being the ones that had to look after the house.

Yes, it sounds like I’m back in the 1940s doesn’t it? Well, I was. My generation was bought up by women from that era and that was what they were bought up with.

Women who believed all of these things. They believed them and they lived by them.

It makes sense then why they were my story too then, right?

In my 40s I began to question living this life with these beliefs. They weren’t mine. They belonged to my Mother.

It was time for ME to thrive and live the life I wanted to lead.

Working through my long-held belief patterns was a task and a half. Questioning that I couldn’t get a decent paying job. Of course, the Universe tested me every time I started believing that things could be different.

Yet through hard work, determination and continued effort I let go of that belief and landed myself a six-figure job. It felt amazing. I was being paid what I was worth.

Suddenly a lot of my negativity and ways of looking at the world shifted.

Thriving isn’t about putting on a smiley face and faking it till you make it.

Thriving is about planting a seed inside yourself that there is a possibility. It’s about knowing that you can have what you want if you believe in that strongly enough.

Thriving is about taking a chance and going for it without knowing the outcome. Thriving is about wanting something so much you never give up going for it.

When you come from the place of believing you can’t thrive, then any small amount of stepping out of that is thriving. It’s seeing that first little piece of green break through the soil after you’ve watered and tended to a seed.

You take that small piece of life and you nurture it till it comes into full bloom. That’s thriving.