During this season of gratitude, I’m reminded of our core company value, ‘We are thankful, and our gratitude drives our actions.’

We are all eternally grateful to work for BELAY — all of its incredible programs, benefits, and incentives notwithstanding.

And despite the challenges this year has laid at all our feet, we still choose to actively count our many blessings, and one such way we demonstrate our gratitude for these blessings is through our Pay-It-Forward Program.

Our Pay-It-Forward Program is a benevolence fund that is bolstered by contributions from over 80 percent of our employees to help each other through tough times, including employees, clients and contractors.

Through our collective generosity, we have been fortunate to bless hundreds since its inception, having gifted over $20,000 in 2020 alone.

These seemingly small acts of kindness and generosity make big blessings possible – and there isn’t a day that I’m not humbled and inspired by my employees and our culture of serving a greater good.