Time to Do Less

As a blogger to moms, I receive a lot of emails that look like this…

“I feel overwhelmed, unorganized, and scattered in my life. I just can’t seem to balance it all while still taking care of myself. And taking care of myself is the first thing to go.”

My heart aches every time I read this. Both because I want to hug the mom on the other end, but also because I have felt this way as a working mother of three. Does this resonate with you as well?

At some point in time, it became expected that moms create and care for their families, but also live thriving work and personal lives. It sounds amazing. The problem? This is a heck of a lot to DO. One person in charge of all of this is a recipe for mental health disaster.

So, today, I’d like to pause the insanity for a second. We’re looking at my 5 secrets to doing less. It’s time we took a reflective look and identified some areas to let go. Because wouldn’t you like to feel less overwhelmed, unorganized, and scattered? I sure did, and these things have changed my life. It feels good to breathe again. So, join me.

1. Get Help

I can’t say this enough. I’ll even scream it. Get HELP!!!!

You are worth it. And you deserve the happiness that it brings. We were not meant to do everything. And it’s ridiculous to think that we should have to just to be what society expects of us.

Here are some ways that I’ve gotten more help recently:

  • Increased daycare for my youngest from 1 day to 2 days a week
  • Set up a once a month babysitter
  • My husband started cooking 2 times a week
  • Invested in a housecleaner once a month
  • Added to the chores that are expected of my kids
  • Hired someone to help with work tasks that don’t need to be done by me

These are just examples to consider, and I’ll be implementing more as well.

So, where can you get help? If you’re stuck, make a list of all of the activities you’d love to get help with and then a list of people that can do them. Plus, get creative. Perhaps you can’t afford more childcare, but could you swap with a friend? Or call a family member? Think outside the box if you need to, but don’t skip this step!

2. Invest in Products That Serve You

Next, there are a TON of products on the market that are made to help busy moms. Anything from robot vacuums, to charging stations, to noise-cancelling headphones (sometimes it’s the only way I get work done). Utilize these things to help you organize and breathe easier.

3. Eliminate

Here’s the truth. We all do a lot of things that don’t need to be done. So, as you make your to-do list today, take a hard look at the contents. Then, ask yourself for each one, does this really need to be done? And does it need to be done today? If the answer is no, then take it off the list. There’s no point in getting overwhelmed by a never ending to-list anyways.

4. Simplify

I don’t know about you, but we could drown in the amount of stuff that comes with three kids. And so, a yearly (or even every 6 months) declutter session is in order. It’s proven that clutter makes you feel scattered, so this is an important one! If you’re really overwhelmed, declutter your work life and email while you’re at it.

Aside from the home decluttering session, I’ve found it helpful to look at every activity I do during the day to see if I can simplify it. Here’s what I was able to simplify recently:

  • Instead of hauling the diaper bag everywhere, I put extra clothes in the car and at daycare
  • I created a folder for my kids to put their extra school papers in
  • I turned off the notifications on my phone and computer
  • I scheduled work tasks ahead of time
  • I cut hours to a second part-time job to free up more time for my growing business

5. Make Your Self Care Non-Negotiable

Finally, this is easier than it sounds, but truly SCHEDULE in your self-care. Get up early if you must, but take the time to enjoy nature, breathe deeply, relax with a self-care item, or lay on your couch for an afternoon. Because in the end, what really matters is whether you were happy in your life, not how much you accomplished.

In Conclusion

I hope this article gave you lots of ideas for doing less and enjoying life more.

Cheers to a little more space and openness in your life!