Do you have any idea of how many people need to do their job so you can do yours? It’s a lot. As a family counselor, I understand the importance of the concept of interdependence. While it is healthy to be independent, it’s not healthy to deny our reality-based interconnectedness and interdependence. This applies at the family level, a society level and at a global level. It’s ironic that such an import aspect for human survival has been made so clear by the tiniest of organisms, the covid-19 virus.

World wide travel, immigration, and business make it impossible to prevent the initial spread of something like a virus, or an idea. But it so clearly shows how much we are interconnected and interdependent. So we cut back on travel.

And then when all the travel all gets cut back the oil industry decides the demand for oil will drop – so the price falls. But then to keep revenue up, oil producers pump more oil to compensate. You’ve seen the impact on the market.

Then we go to “isolation” – we are advised to “stay home” if you don’t feel well. Isn’t interesting that the highest contact jobs (service workers, cashiers) are the lowest paid and don’t have “sick days”. And they don’t have medical. So the group with the most likely transmission is the least prepared to stop it. Everyone one of use deponds on these folks, every day. Society has created this situation – society has to address it.

Same for nursing home workers – lower-paid, high contact, poor benefits. So they keep working – they have to. Who set this up?

Or keep kids home from school – sure, just send them to daycare that you can’t afford or get into. Oh, wait, they are closed too. So, now what – I stay home from work, without pay? How long can that last? Now the stock market folks are thinking “recession”, so businesses want to get cautious. Stop hiring.

Things have changed so drastically – the global economy, two-income families, the “gig” economy with no benefits, more expensive health care.

We are interconnected and we are interdependent. We can’t go back to the homestead model – the interconnections and interdependence were still there anyway.

Isolation won’t work. Understanding our true impact, our true footprint on this planet is vital. Understanding how many people have to show up and do their job every day or I can live the life I live is vital. That’s how we will respect how interdependent we all really are. That’s when solutions will emerge.