Dear Dan Reynolds,

I’m Paz Grace, a Barbadian teacher in Israel. I am a big fan of your music and social activism, and I wanted to thank you for raising awareness of such an important issue.

Words filled with vile and hate meant to feed humanities need to laugh at each other’s imperfections and differences is sad. It’s even sadder when the behavior gets embraced, even celebrated. And I, too, wish we had a place where artists stood by each other, supported one another and were good role models for their young fans – regardless of different tastes and voices. I can relate to your depression too. As a youth, I was physically and verbally attacked for being different. I’ve dealt with depression ever since.

My dad was a local artist and he created a loving world around him, with his friends. But, as a kid, other kids thought I was “not cool” for being different. I ate differently, listened to different music, and had a different religion. I was picked on, beaten up, and nearly killed. The contradiction of these two worlds caused feelings of stress and depression. But, today, I’m working on overcoming the differences – the demons – with light.

Like the human body, it feels like we are healthier when we work together in harmony above the differences. In contrast to how we feel weaker when in disharmony and conflict, just as the feeling of depression weakens a body. We should nourish the “body” of humanity with love, empathy and connection between people, above all differences.

Instead of spreading words of hate, I feel like we should promote the importance of empathy and cooperation, above differences. We should work together, like a healthy body has different organs working together. We should embrace those who are different and overcome the differences by playing music together.

What creates more unity than music? It’s the strongest means to connect different people. Dan, as a thundering force in music and social activism, you have the power to do this. You already have, let’s take it to the next level. Let’s turn it up to 11. Let’s get other artists involved, let’s talk about it in concerts around the world, let’s bring people together, let’s spread the message of cooperation and empathy.

I might sound like a naive dreamer, I’m a teacher after all. But, Dan, when you get down to it, you get things done. Whatever it takes. Let’s try cooperation and empathy, connection and unity. Let’s rise above imperfections and disharmony, fractures and failures. Let’s continue together, above our differences, to bring positivity and empowerment to the world. Let’s spread this message, together. It’s time. Let’s be on top of the world.