Ivanna Villanueva

Ivanna Villanueva, the perfect example of mind and beauty combined is a young entrepreneur in Miami has fascinated everyone with her charm and intellect. Soon she would be opening her dream restaurant in Miami with name Bread Cycle and is accompanied by her husband, Nelson Fernandez.

Apart Ivanna and Nelson share similar aims and have learned the Culinary art from the same college, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. You ask for it and Ivanna has it. She is a perfectionist and excels in restaurant operations, health and nutritional concerns, advanced Gastronomy, innovative food preparation, and food and beverage management.

Ivanna’s Family Background

From a family that is dedicated for work and care, Ivanna has acquired both the qualities very well. Her father, Luis Villanueva is an entertainment industry entrepreneur. And, Ivanna’s mother, Evelyn Villanueva is a social worker.

Luis Villanueva owns the SOMOS Group in Miami and Evelyn Villanueva is the pioneer for many social organizations running in Miami and abroad including America Developing Smiles.

Ivanna does have a remarkable family history and comes from a known background. However, she has set her own league.

Ivanna Villanueva’s Degrees and Expertise

Ivanna Villanueva went to one of the most reputed schools of Miami, Palmer Trinity High.

After her schooling, Ivanna completed her degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Miami where she leaned about Culinary arts and a lot more. This course taught her everything that she needed to know about the hospitality industry. Either it was the management part or the event planning, every lesson was taught with perfection.

Apart from the hospitality services, the course did emphasize on various other parts of the hotel management industry. Gastronomy, Health and nutritional aspects of the industry, the physical and chemical properties of food, innovative food preparation, historic and contemporary food, cultural meanings of food are a few to name.

She also managed to perfect her skills on restaurant management principles. It included basic restaurant layout design, planning, scheduling, and dining room management. She also attained expertise in Food Service Operations.

However, this was not the end of Ivanna’s craving for knowledge. After completing her degree of Culinary arts, she also pursued Communication & Media Studies from St. Thomas University.

Ivanna surprised everyone with her wit and intellect while she learned about research, strategic planning, media writing and much more while studying at the media college. She also equipped herself with online media, advertising, and PR learning. To further hone her skills, Ivanna later joined her father’s business SOMOS Group for hands on experience on media and entertainment.

Ivanna and her Social Works

Ivanna with a strong background in social work has been very active in helping individuals in need through many social networks. If there is anything that can make Ivanna happy, then it’s the time she spends at charities such as the Missionaries of Charity, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Lotus House, Jackson Memorial Hospital and others.

Ivanna likes to dedicate her skills in helping the poor. She enjoys being a part of the soup kitchen, an initiative by the Missionaries of Charity which aims at providing meals to 300 people every day. She with her father have led many programs for educating poor women as well as children. They volunteer at various charities to teach the poor children and women themselves. The skills include budgeting, dancing, sewing and much more.

Ivanna is a great person. She is caring and empathetic. She loves to devote her life for needy and thinks its her responsibility as a human being to care for other humans.

Apart from helping poor, Ivanna is also a pet lover. She has co-founded a pet service known as Pet Hub. This organization aims at training dog owners or those preparing for a new pet arrival about the needs of their pet. It educates the owners about the breed specific requirements and probable challenges with every breed. From nutrition to entertainment, this pet service takes care of every little details required for dog owners for taking care of their pet.

Ivanna’s Plans for Future

Apart from being a good daughter, Ivanna plans to dedicate her expertise in realizing her dream restaurant, Bread Cycle. She is going to be involved in the restaurant management as well as adding taste to the Miamian’s food. Along with her husband, Ivanna wants to provide the best experience to the people of Miami in terms of taste and ambience.

Ivanna's office image
Ivanna’s office image

Ivanna values life above anything else. For the same reasons, all her future plans and dreams revolves around enhancing the quality of life of people around. She is a master chef and uses her efficient creativity for food preparation and presentation to provide a world class experience to her customers at the restaurant.

Ivanna also will be active in her social work endeavour. Her life is full of passion and she would like to share her love for beautiful and creative life with others. Ivanna knows what can make the world a better place. And, she wants to do her bit with an expectation to light the change.

Ivanna ambition is not just about her. She would like to keep the family name up by doing the best she can for others. Being creative as well as understanding puts her among the most educated and empathetic women across the continent.

The Conclusion

Ivanna Villanueva, a successful small business owner and a loving daughter is all set to make huge achievements through her new restaurant, Bread Cycle. The restaurant “Bread Cycle” will be started at Giralda Place, in Coral Gables in this year itself. The restaurant will serve innovative dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes will be served in Tartine, wraps, pide, and salad styles.

Ivanna is very likely to become one of the most successful women in coming future. She has the charisma and the intention to lead her future and many others.