I know I’m a Life coach!

I’m not supposed to have days like this, everyday is supposed to be rainbows and butterflies. Well I don’t know what book I read this in, but I’m glad it’s lost!

I started to feel I couldn’t tell my friends or family when I was having a bad time. When I was hurting or when I wanted to curl up on my couch and stay there all day!

I felt as if they were judging me, “What kind of a life coach are you? You haven’t even got your own life in order, how do you help anyone else?

I felt they were happy to hear when I was not great. It somehow made them feel better. I thought I even noticed smurks on their face!

Today however, I woke up with a different view. The thoughts in my head had been running riot. Today though was different, I was putting them back in their place. Today I was going to cut out this sh*t!

I meditated for hours. I felt stronger and renewed. My energy felt better and I saw my truth. We can’t ever be sure if other people think this way. We can only ever be sure of how we are. Then, what we do!

I chose love today. I chose to be removed from the negativity that keeps us small. I chose trust. Trust in myself. I chose not to be egotistical, and care only about me. I chose forgiveness, and reminded myself that I can be removed from it today.

I do not have to give loathing back. I chose love today.

Fear and its thoughts want us to believe the very worst of things, the very darkest truths, and the desire to hate. Our power comes from deep inside. It can if you let it, defeat self doubt and protect you from worry about being perfect all the time.

I found the things I could immediately be grateful for. My feelings began to lift. I slowed down to check in, and be with myself. It refueled me and asked of me, to sort things out.

We are all human, and safe to say, humans feel. The trick is to be open and listen within. Don’t let things brew. My mistake. Be guided by what comes through you and feels honest and true.

I recognised I had fallen for the age old sin. My occupation is what I do, not who I am! Although enextricably tied…They are separate. This came through strongly when I closed my eyes and visualised, what it is I’m trying to create in my life.

I need to become the keeper of my own words. Strength comes from love not bitterness. Self centredness comes from ego, not from caring and serving, the thing I love to do most.

I know now I do not need permission to simply ‘be’. Neither do you!