Summer With Kids
If you live in UAE, there is really minor chance to go out with your kids during summer time.
In general, people take their children to closed play areas/kids club acitivities in order to keep them busy. I believe, those kind of places & activities are very good for
– socialisation and having fun with other kids that your child does not know
– spending time with friends that he/she already has.
But also, I believe, if you have enough time and spend it with your child, you do not really need those places/activities. You can just run your own “summer camp” at home.
Here is the challenge;
– do we have enough time for our kids?
– do we really spend time with them?
– do we really put effort on having fun and keeping them busy while teaching as well?
As a former working mum, I can say that it is a real challenge to give the needed time to kids but in any case a good “parents cooperation” would make it.
As a newly “mum at home”, I can say that by just putting a little effort and just concentrating on kids, it is not only fun for them but also for me.
Since a few weeks;
– we have been reading the books that we haven’t read since quite a long time,
– we have been finishing activities that we have started but did not have time to complete,
– we have been playing with toys that seem to be useless. We have just built a track with ropes, added a basketball trial spot with small balls we had (never used them until today at all!), put some instruments to complete the tasks, A great track to finish up and play around again and again…
– we have been doing kitchen activities more than ever,
– we have been trying different kinds of painting tools,
– many different art & crafts activities,
– and we just play and pretend etc…
Even without leaving home, it is easy to make them happy. It is just about RELEASING THE CHILD INSIDE US…
Serap Gulizar Erenay
July 2018, Abu Dhabi

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