The Thrive Challenge is returning to Muskegon County! Committing to building healthy habits is more important than ever, so Thrive Global is making it easier for you to improve your overall well-being in a time when it matters most.  The Thrive Challenge in Muskegon County runs from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, and you can win up to $15,000! Download the app here to start making better choices today and win big!

It was the four categories — fitness, money, food and family — that got me interested in trying Thrive. I also really appreciated the Fowlerville ladies that came to talk to our store. That’s close to where I grew up. I like that with Thrive, you don’t have to do anything specific. You get to pick. It’s the flexibility — no regimen, no rules — that appealed to me. I wanted to be fit and be saving money, so I started walking more. I’ve cut my gas expenses by about half. I’m saving easily $60 a month. I think my only eureka moment was at the end of my first challenge. I hadn’t realized it had been 21 days and it hit me just how easy it is to better your life. The chance to win money makes Thrive special and the flexibility makes it work.

• It’s surprising how much people will embrace the positive.

• Now, my three kids want to walk to school.

• With my increased energy, I’m more productive at home.

• We’re saving enough money to start thinking about buying a house.

I have to get the kids to school in the morning. I used to get up, drive the kids to school, come home and go back to bed before I had to go to work. I started my Thrive getting up and walking them to school. Now, I don’t feel the urge to go back to sleep when I get home, so I’m getting so much more accomplished every day. I walk to work, too. People at work were a little shocked when I started walking to work but they started walking more, too. I’ve really been digging it — I’ve just finished my second challenge and I didn’t even notice because making better choices has become a routine. I think I’ll take it a step further and start jogging for my next challenge. It doesn’t take much to accomplish great things with Thrive.