Take one look at James Hopkins and you won’t see the typical “millionaire status” success story. Far from it. At the age of 17, Hopkins didn’t want to attend a university, so he began working at the paltry sum of $600 per month. At the age of 20, a cyclist ran into his vehicle and died — leading to a PTSD diagnosis and a lengthy police investigation process.

Hardly the stuff of your typical “rags to riches” story.

But Hopkins didn’t give up. Booking a one-way ticket to Thailand for an extended break, Hopkins eventually took a job at a call center, once again earning the paltry sum of $500 per month this time. Then one friend told him about earning money on Upwork, and how it allowed people to build a location-independent income stream online.

Working from a little tablet, Hopkins learned all he could about the Upwork process, handling emails for a video production company. He then attended a university in Bangkok while supporting himself through freelancing work.

In the meantime, one of his Upwork clients saw his potential and helped him incorporate Facebook ads to sell his videos. When he sold one and earned his first $97 that way, Hopkins felt amazing. However, when you view the context of Hopkins’ entire journey through success, it becomes clear he was just getting started.

How Fatherhood Helped Hopkins Learn His Place in the World

Hopkins’ life was changing fast, but nothing prepared him for the next step. He not only met his wife — but after seven months, she was pregnant. This was a turning point.

“Now,” Hopkins told himself, “I have to make it all work.” Now was the time to get serious about his approach to business.

He turned to LinkedIn to attract customers, and his business started growing. He stopped attending his university and instead dedicated himself fully to his business. People started paying attention.

However, rather than give up on education completely, Hopkins took another approach: he started teaching. He taught about ads, digital advertising, and everything else he had learned in building a successful business. People were asking questions, and he started to realize that he had the answers. These were the seeds of his successful coaching program; James Hopkins Coaching.

As he developed his coaching skills, his clients started earning money and generating results. Just a few months after launching this business, James Hopkins Coaching, he was making $50k per month.

There was a problem: Facebook ads were becoming complicated, and that was by far the most successful way Hopkins knew how to build his business. However, he was about to meet someone who would introduce him to YouTube — and skyrocket his business results to the point of reaching $170k per month.

A Different Paradigm in Business Coaching

Hopkins’ journey wasn’t the usual one. He wasn’t born a success. And yet from a young age, he was curious about success. His was a journey to discovering the entrepreneurial mindset.

“The right mindset behind living a life of freedom and independence,” explains Hopkins, is to “think like an entrepreneur to become one.”

Hopkins explains that nothing changes until an individual’s mindset changes. With Hopkins, one of the key mindset shifts occurred when he became a father. The seriousness of his responsibility affected the way he thought about business. It was no longer “nice to have” a successful business for him. Instead, it became a goal that had to be accomplished.

The shift in mindset that came with fatherhood also affected how Hopkins saw his ability to coach other entrepreneurs. He realized that a similar mindset shift — with or without fatherhood — impacted the bottom line for other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who “dabble” in business without getting serious about taking the next steps tend to fail because there isn’t enough motivation and desire to get the business off the ground.

What about entrepreneurs who adopt a whole new mindset? Hopkins explains that this new mindset affects everything they do — from the decisions they make to the actions they take.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success

Said one client, Lara Mcilwraith: “I’ve actually doubled my salary of my current job, and am looking to resign. Basically that means I’m going to go from working an eight-hour-a-day job…to working two or three hours a day. I think that says it all.” Mcilwraith achieved $5,500 per month in just 26 weeks.

Other clients have seen similar success. That includes Ben Palmer in Vietnam, who quickly ascended to earning $3,000 in just four weeks. Lee Richardson in the UK: $9,500 per month in just 12 weeks.

James Hopkins’s Coaching and Mentorship program has changed many lives and helped many expats with their financial struggles while living abroad. If you are out there thinking that it is impossible to start from nothing and rise to the top, James can prove you wrong. The secret is in the way of thinking!

About James Hopkins:

James Hopkins, CEO of The Lifestyle Marketeer, has helped hundreds of Expats to create a life of independence and fulfilment from starting an online Digital Advertising business. To register for his free introductory training on how to start your own online business, please visit: www.jameshopkinscoaching.com/free-training-pr.