When you find yourself falling down and seeing no hope of getting back up, do you succumb to it? Or do you take a deep breath and see the good in that situation? It is innate in human nature to be tempted to give up and try your luck in another endeavor thinking that maybe the dream is not for you. Humans as we are, it is convenient to throw chances away to settle down with what we’ve already got. However, this is not the case for James Mooney. He saw opportunities in his struggles and committed himself to his craft while helping others push towards success of their own. 

The Start of Something Bigger than Himself 

James Mooney is a man hailing from the sunny and vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. With a Bachelor Degree of Science in Health and Physical Education, he enjoyed the privilege of a football scholarship where he got to play defensive end throughout college. He spent some of his post-college years trying to make it into the NFL, but came up short. 

Instead of feeling defeated, he was on to the next big thing! He immediately came up with an idea to commit himself to making sure others became the best version of themselves in pursuit of their own dreams.

The Road Ahead

To prepare and equip himself with the strategies and skills of becoming a strength and conditioning coach, he worked hard to attain numerous certifications. He put his newly-gained knowledge and skills to test as he became the head strength and conditioning coach for the Southern Oregon University football team for two consecutive seasons before practicing his craft in the private sector. 

The Birth of Gunsmith Clothing Co. 

James Mooney believes that an individual should be able to become the best version of themselves to achieve their life goals and at the same time, conquer obstacles being thrown their way. This belief became the inspiration for the creation of Gunsmith Clothing Co. This opportunity became his means of meeting thousands of individuals with stories of transformation to share. During the time that he built and ran the brand, he witnessed the power of pushing people towards their goals and motivating them further in life. 

A Minor Setback Followed by a Major Comeback 

Some good things do fall apart, and one of those was the Gunsmith Clothing Co. Early in 2019, James Mooney and his business partner ended up agreeing to close the business as well as the training facility that both had worked so hard on during 2017. 

But James Mooney certainly won’t back down. He’s now working on a new supplement company which focuses on high-grade nutrition for people who like to train hard but want supplements they can actually tell they are using. James describes it as a high-quality supplement company without the fuss of industrial cheesiness and commercial marketing. Although the supplements naturally cost more to make, the quality is of the highest standards. He’s also proud of what he’s created because the company carries his own vision and is a significant risk to undertake. However, he believes that nothing great has ever been achieved without a significant risk. 

James Mooney on the Move

Being complacent is not a place to dwell for James Mooney. Aside from the upcoming launch of his supplement company called Blast House Industries which is set to launch in January 2020, he’s currently busy on his self-identified movement referred to as the “Hybrid World Tour.” He admits that he isn’t a fan of being stuck with one routine at the gym and is always on the hunt for challenges to conquer. He loves to build himself physically and with athleticism so that when his friends call him up for a game of rugby, he can compete with pride and strength. For him, being one-dimensional is the same as being average. 

Once every year, he preps himself to compete in six athletic endeavors such as Cross Fit, obstacle course racing, power-lifting, strongman, bodybuilding, and a marathon. It has been a roller coaster of a year for him, but as he would say it, it has been nothing but rewarding. He says that it pushed him outside of his comfort zone and gave him a chance to do things he didn’t necessarily enjoy, but in the end he’s happy he did it. What’s more is that his “Hybrid World Tour” has inspired other people to do their versions of the challenge, and he’s extremely excited to watch them go through with their commitments.