Jane Zarse is a prolific author with two critically acclaimed and highly popular books already under her belt. These books have allowed a lot of people to gain perspective on how to forego feelings of angst, despair and being vulnerable and seek control over one’s life. But when reading these books, a lot of people fail to realize how come these words are so meaningful that they inspire people to rise from the lowest of lows? 

The answer lies in the fact that Jane Zarse is not another run of the mill author who writes self help books. In fact, these books encapsulate her incredible life journey and her actual transformation from being a distraught alcoholic to a powerful motivator and influencer of millions. 

Jane Zarse was brought up in Lake Park, Illinois and graduated from Boston University with her name on the Dean’s list. At first, she took up acting but then jumped ship to become a relatively successful broker while trading in Chicago. Seeing her at that point in time, one would have taken her to be an average woman who was doing well for herself, but then a successive downturn of events took her on a never ending spiral downwards, culminating in issues ranging from alcoholism to bulimia. 

Encountering such a low point in life often signals to us that we have reached a point of no return. We have come to a place from which there is no hope of recovery. The fear of letting go gnaws at us and we in turn start viewing ourselves as victims, harboring feelings of not being understood, not being given the love and care we deserve, the feeling of being wronged. 

These feelings become our primary coping mechanisms, allowing us to make sense of all the confusion that surrounds us. Soon, such feelings start manifesting themselves in our lives through actions we take that we know are problematic and would harm us in the long run but they become our only ruse. 

Jane Zarse was no different as she went through it all, but what made her different on how she fought through it all and told us her inspiring stories through words so many of us have come to admire and believe. 

She taught us that the power to fight our demons lies nowhere else but only when we acknowledge the fact that we should always take our own actions into perspective, own up to them and accept them, and only then can we truly move and come out of the depths we find ourselves in. 

The problems which led her into the despair were not of her own doing, but the way she reacted to them was and that’s where Jane Zarse elevated herself from most of us. She taught us that ego and pity are the two impediments that don’t allow us to forgive and forget, thereby stopping us from moving on. People can hurt your feelings but it should always be you who should have the ability to cope with it because you are in control of your own happiness and when you relinquish this power to others, that’s where you lose control of your own self. 

Jane Zarse found that forgiveness was her true calling and that, in it, lay the solution to all the problems she had been inflicting on herself. Her beautiful life story of reprisal is captured in the two books she has authored. 

In the first book, “Love and Compassion is My Religion (A Beginner’s Book Into Spirituality)”, she tells the story of how she found the way to connect to her soul and with a power higher than her and how both of these led her into constructing a new, much more resounding personality that no longer aims to despair out of holding onto anger and resentment. 

The second book which she authored, “Sober and pissed off”, Jane Zarse narrates her struggles with rampant alcoholism, what led her into it and most notably, her journey out of it. 

Reading these books can allow anyone to construct a narrative on how problems can be dealt with in the most powerful manner possible and that’s what makes Jane Zarse unique as an author. 

Currently, Jane Zarse is a top 2% influencer on Twitter and looking for another inspiration to write something that continues to be of help to her followers and take her message of forgiveness and compassion even further.