For background on Human Design transits and how they may affect you, check out this article first before reading on!

With the stroke of midnight moving us from December 31st to January 1st, we usher in the New Year. Some of us feel a burst of energy and ready to take on what 2023 has to offer. But what if you don’t quite feel that energy to start anew? That’s where Human Design’s got you! The Human Design calendar is based off the solar cycle with the new year beginning on January 22nd as the sun enters Gate 41, which means you have a few weeks to hop on the New Year’s bandwagon if it speaks to you. In the meantime, let’s look at the transits and the global energies you experience this month.

Late December through January 5thAs we close out 2022 and move into the first week of January, the Sun is moving into Gate 38, known as The Gate of the Fighter. This gate is all about what is meaningful to us at a personal level. Take the time to reflect on what is truly meaningful and fulfilling in your life. As you feel this energy, you’ll want to journal on questions like, “What do I want to fight for?” or “What do I want to change at a collective level?” At this same time, the Earth is moving into Gate 39, The Gate of Provocation. With this energy, focus on what you are feeling provoked to feel – this may signal what is meaningful for you. Both energies together will help you recognize what to put your attention on in 2023. 

January 6th through 10thNow that we have our foot in the door for January, the Sun begins to move into Gate 54, The Gate of Ambition, and the Earth moves into Gate 53, The Gate of Beginnings. The combination of these energies gives us the desire to transform, to rise up and create change, but to be grounded in a new cycle. Remember that ambition can mean something different to you than what society may consider the norm. Perhaps you have the drive to focus on rest or creating more time for reflection and relaxation. If that’s your goal and what’s driving you, go for it! Know that the energy of the 53 will draw you towards the planning phase and you’ll have to flesh out what it is you want at the end of this cycle. What do you want? What is the benefit of it? There is a collective energy to these gates, so ask yourself who you want to rise with? Who are the people in your fractal – on your energetic level? 

January 11th through 16thAs we move into the week of the 11th, the Sun shifts into Gate 61, The Gate of Mystery as the Earth moves into Gate 62, The Gate of Detail. The energy of Gate 61 will bring with it the desire to focus on your inner knowing. You might feel drawn to ask yourself, “What do I really know for sure?” Gate 62 will help you put a name to this. Without letting your mind direct you, or overthinking, notice what you are drawn to, and follow that curiosity. In the end, the Universe will lead you to your aligned Truth, which will then support the collective ‘knowing.’

January 17th through 21stThis week the Sun moves into Gate 60, The Gate of Limitation. This is a pulse of expansive and up-leveling energy to change or mutate something. It is not to be viewed as a personal limitation in a constrictive sense. During this week, you may feel a chaotic energy – remember that the chaos comes before order. This information shows you what you can’t do in order to see what you CAN do. It will help you see your full potential.

January 22nd through 27thHappy New Year! Now we’ve made it…if you didn’t feel ready for the transition before, hopefully these few extra weeks have helped! The Sun has now moved into Gate 41, The Gate of Contraction, to kick off a new cycle of our Solar Calendar. This energy brings a desire to have a new experience. Just remember that most beginnings come with discomfort – it’s uncomfortable circumstances that propel us into beautiful new situations (think childbirth). Take time to reflect on what you’re ready to let go of and see it as an opportunity to heal. During this time, the Earth is grounding us in Gate 31, The Gate of Leadership. This is the perfect time to take all the lessons, experiences and knowledge you gained in 2022 and learn into the pressure to change! This is a great time to look to an “expander” in your life – a leader (or leaders) who inspires you. This will help you figure out where you want to go. Remember, if you see it in others, it is within YOU!

January 28th through January 31st – During the final week of January, The Sun enters Gate 19, The Gate of Wanting, while the Earth enters Gate 33, The Gate of Retreat. Whatever new aspect of yourself was born last week, now is the time to care for it and nurture it. This new path, goal, and journey of yours is like a newborn. Just as we wouldn’t expect an infant to take care of its own basic needs immediately, nor can we expect our new creations/goals to move forth without some love. This is the perfect time to retreat, see what you feel you need to progress, and then honor that.  On the last day of the month comes the end of Quarter 4, the Quarter of Transformation.

For more detail, listen to the full January transits episode with Jenni Crowther on The Human Design Podcast. You can also get your chart and learn more about Human Design here.