Jared Ravizza

Jared Ravizza is a professional big mountain skier and activist who has dedicated his life to helping humans around the world. He was born into a family of incredibly talented skiers, and was introduced to the sport of skiing at a very young age. At just age two, he was put on his first pair of skis, and never looked back. For Jared and his family, skiing was not just a sport but became a way of life.

Jared’s father, Jason Ravizza, was an accomplished college tennis player and is founder of a global sport psych and performance consultancy. His father’s solid background in sports and psychology was vital in building a strong mental performance in Jared.  For hours they trained in performance on and off the ski mountain. As a professional big mountain skier, Jared Ravizza and his father continue to train and ski together year round. Jared’s mother is a beautifully gifted downhill skier who introduced Jared to skiing when he was only two.  Growing up, Jared’s mother spent hours on the ski mountains, throughout the northeast, training Jared and his two sisters how to turn and shred on skis.

Through skiing and surfing, Jared has travelled the world.  For Jared Ravizza, skiing was his first love as it allowed him to learn the value of determination and passion.  Skiing has allowed him the opportunity to meet people of all different cultures. Surfing and longboarding became another addition to his passions.

As a professional big mountain skier, Jared learned a deep love and connection with creation.  For this reason, he launched his pursuits, to help save the oceans, preserve the mountains, and protect the environment. Through his movement, Jared is able to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of keeping the oceans and mountains clean.

Coupled with his career as a professional skier, Jared Ravizza has been able to create awareness around the world on the importance of protecting our oceans and mountains, as well as protecting our bodies with proper nutrition and exercise. He believes that people can experience profound awakening when they discover their connection with the mountains and oceans. Jared travels to different parts of the globe frequently to reach people and share with them the value of protecting nature.

Jared has organized educational and recreational trips for children with autism and other physical and mental disabilities. He believes that every individual should be exposed to the wonderful sport of skiing and experience the connection it brings between humans and creation. Jared lived in and did mission work in Alaska when he was only 12, and this is where his vision for helping children with disabilities was born.

Aside from his professional skiing career, Jared is also an advocate of healthy living and proper nutrition. He is dedicated to integrating his love for skiing and surfing with creating awareness for health and fitness. Jared works intently with multiple corporations as he desires to start a systemic change on the policy level. He hopes to see human beings discover the harmonious flow that we all have with nature.  

In the years to come, Jared sees himself continuing his mission to protect our oceans and mountains, through the Ravizza Global Initiative and his partnerships with other organizations.  He is also excited to continue to see lives changed through his work in educating humans around the world on nutrition and fitness.