Competition is fierce in today’s business market, with more and more young entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves. But nearly 80% of all startups fail the first year, and that leaves a lot of entrepreneurs with broken dreams.

The business world is a cruel one, and not every business idea turns out to be a good as you thought. So with so many things going against you, how could you achieve business success? To answer this question, we’ve sat with Jason Brown, a successful entrepreneur, and owner of iV Bars. His business provides a healthy alternative to vitamins in the form of cocktails and drinks, and iV Bars has 23 physical locations across the United States.

Below, you can read on Jason’s best x tips on how to achieve business success.

1. Be Brave and Do Something

Courage and willingness to take action are two characteristic traits associated with successful people, says Jason. The bravery to start something yours is not present in every person. Some are perhaps scared to take the first step, knowing that it can be 10 times worse if it doesn’t succeed. But if you don’t try, how could you know? – Says Jason. Having the willingness to do something even if it fails is a life lesson that’s worth more than gold. Nothing comes easy in life, and you have to fight tooth and nail for it if you want to make something out of it.

2. Be Smart and Look For Opportunities

Globalization makes the world feel very small, smaller than what people thought about it decades ago. Trends are what drive business success, and those who provide solutions to problems will be the ones enjoying a successful career. The internet is an amazing tool that you can use to further help you find the perfect business idea and it presents an enormous array of opportunities for young entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves.

3. Do Your Research

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that the most important thing you should be doing is reading. Being the best and being a leader in your respective industry is all down to reading and researching. A lot of things are changing in the world, and the internet is the best place to inform yourself about these changes. 

4. Have an Open Mind

Jason says that putting aside your unconscious bias will teach you a lot. Having an open mind will propel you to business success. Having diverse thoughts and being open to feedback will strengthen your startup in a way never imagined before. Being open to criticism is also something that will teach you a lot about your current business dealings. 

5. Always Have a Comprehensive Strategy

Every successful person has had a comprehensive strategy to guide his business. Business success cannot be achieved by sitting idly all day long. A comprehensive strategy that will solidify your business development will come a long way. This includes some traditional strategies such as PR, phone calls, networking, even word of mouth, and newer ones such as social media, digital advertising, email marketing, and creating content that will inform people more about what you do and how you can help them.