In the face of defeat and seemingly insurmountable challenges, it is normal for people to feel desolate and discouraged. However, many hardy individuals see beyond these struggles and treat them as catapulting devices toward the summits of success.

In the case of Jason Koonce, one of the sports cards industry’s most sought-after business personalities, these trials are mere formative experiences that help people harness their potential in order to fit into the molds of success. According to him, these obstacles serve as his most effective propellers toward achieving one’s goals. As he continues to stand at the helm of his brainchild, One Team International Agency, Jason hopes to inspire others in vehemently chasing their dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Born and bred with an exceptional knack for sports, Jason Koonce kicked off his passion venture at a young age. When he was in his early teenage years, this budding entrepreneur had already exceeded expectations by buying and trading his collection with equally passionate individuals. When he got older, Jason realized the countless business opportunities that came with selling and trading sports cards that he focused his energy on pursuing the craft. As a result, Jason was setting things in motion, allowing himself to rub elbows with some of the most prominent figures across the realms of sports and entertainment. These connections allowed him to develop his craft and expand his reach, breathing life into One Team International Agency, more popularly known as OTIA Sports.

Zealously created by Jason Koonce, OTIA Sports is an agency built to materialize its founder’s vision of expanding the sports cards industry. With its vast network of collectors and dealers from around the world, it serves as an avenue for equally passionate and like-minded individuals to connect with each other to sell, buy, and trade sports cards. Aside from that, OTIA also celebrates the beauty of camaraderie that the sports realm brings to the community.

Without a doubt, OTIA Sports boasts colors that exude confidence in the variety of their collections and exceptionally vast network. However, its entrepreneurial prowess across the sports cards industry was temporarily cut short when the founder made some less-than-ideal decisions along the way. As a result, Jason Koonce lost everything by the time he turned 23. But instead of allowing these tribulations to overpower his drive, Jason picked himself up and continued to unfold success through passion, tenacity, and resilience. Immensely fueled by his newfound strength, Jason continued to persevere.

Through his tenacious spirit, Jason was able to accumulate over twenty years of experience under his arsenal. Because of this unparalleled expertise, he has led OTIA Sports to the pinnacles of victory. As a matter of fact, this trailblazing enterprise transcends limits by countlessly working and building connections with Fortune 500 business owners, musicians, celebrities, and top athletes. Indeed, Jason’s impressive background has led OTIA Sports to greater heights.

With everything that Jason Koonce has achieved for the company, he continues to aspire to build and strengthen the community of sports card dealers and collectors around the world. Using his transformative experiences and stellar know-how, he hopes to expand OTIA Sports in the years to come.

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