Jason Wood is a nationally ranked VA loan expert. Certified by the California Association of Realtors to teach VA loans, he gives realtors the education hours they need to keep their licensing. As an Air Force Veteran, Jason feels a deep connection to the needs of the veteran community. He knows what it means to serve his country. Through VA loan benefits, he continues his service offering mortgage options to other service men and women. “Freedom isn’t free. Many like me have raised their right hand and promised their life to protect the rest of us. That is a huge commitment and one I don’t take lightly. So fighting for, educating, and serving those that have done this is my driving force. Our community needs more advocacy and help in growing their personal finances and that’s what I strive to do each and every day,” says Jason.

As part owner in American Mortgage Network, as the VA Loan Guy, Jason has found success in both real estate and mortgage lending. However, he’s learned to let life guide him and make necessary changes along the way. Jason admits he wasn’t particularly inspired to enter the real estate industry. When he first started out, Jason was a broke college kid. His friends asked him to join in their endeavors, so he did. He started in the real estate market with his close friend Arjun Dhingra, which sparked his curiosity.

Jason is honest when he admits that not all aspects of building a brand are fun. That’s why he says it’s important to stay focused on your passion. This keeps you driven and reminds you of why you set off on your path in the first place. Don’t let fear cause you to back down from a challenge. By creating your own strong mindset, you can overcome the fears that hold you back. “However, I’m deathly afraid of sharks, so I will not be working on cage diving with great whites. That’s just not in the cards,” Jason points out.

During the span of his 20 years in the industry, he has faced burnout and learned to redefine himself. However, after over a decade of pounding the pavement, he found himself growing stale. “I was really hitting burnout in the industry and had to re-evaluate why I was doing this and what I enjoyed from it,” he says. As an Air Force Veteran, Jason’s desire was to advocate for other members of the military.

With his path fueled by passion, Jason decided to double down on his efforts. But as with any endeavors, it was difficult to know where to start. He spent time learning what to do, creating contacts, and understanding what to say to make it happen. Jason knew he was onto something great. He kept a strong mindset and remained focused on his goal. Once he had a starting point, he was able to learn and build a brand as the “VA Loan Guy.”

As a veteran raising a family, Jason has achieved a level in life where he isn’t constantly worried about what comes next. He’s doing what he loves while raising two young children with his wife. In his spare time, he has also modified a 1995 Toyota Supra. His goal is to achieve financial freedom. To live completely debt free, with a fully funded retirement, and enough savings to weather life’s toughest financial storms.

What’s next for Jason? He is looking to grow his referral database and get his non-profit off the ground. He’s also turning his attention to Instagram, to increase his presence and awareness. So, follow Jason on Instagram @valoanguy.