The topic of ‘finding your passion’ is more top of mind during these times where people are job seeking or thinking of ways to boost their impact on the world.

Ten years ago, Jay Shetty was searching for his passion too. He says there are two ways to do this: follow your passion or follow your pain. He went on the second path. He realized he felt the most pain when he met people who didn’t meet their potential. He saw so much untapped power in people that he wants to be the catalyst for them to share their talents to solve challenges in life.

Fast-forward to now, Jay Shetty, former monk, a guest on Ellen and internet personality who has millions of online followers across the globe, is very much living his dream and mission of “making wisdom go viral”. At an online event, Jay shares the best advice on how to find your passion and what exactly you must overcome to turn your passion into something that can positively change the world.   

Jay shares the 3 key steps to finding your passion

1. Overcome overthinking and procrastination

Whether it’s starting a project or business, we can’t make a decision or take action because we’re fixated on doing it perfectly. Jay says we have to accept that it won’t be perfect.

Take his videos, for example, Jay says that even now, he thinks his videos are only 70 percent there but reaching that 30 percent to perfection could take him weeks or years, but he just has to accept that it’s all part of the journey. Getting started on a project and putting it out to the world to see is a powerful way to start learning and collecting more insight on how to improve from the community.

He adds this, the real reason for putting things off is “not a distraction issue but an attraction issue” or not yet discovering what you value.

2. Find your passion

Jay thinks of the discovery in phases: Interest is a child. Passion is a teenager. Purpose is an adult.

Everyone has an interest in something, and interest can be intensified in following higher levels of the pursuit of a passion or following a pain. Passion is for yourself, but purpose is for others.

3. Have an expertise

Focus on honing and developing your talent because you’re rewarded by delivering the highest quality of what you do. If you think you’ve discovered your passion, there’s three C’s to transformation – coaching, consistency, and community.

Putting it all together

Jay’s advice on finding your passion is practical and one that I’ve recently followed. I started with an interest in writing and creating content for social media, I explored how I could hone this interest by either following my passion or following a pain.

At the start of the pandemic, I saw friends unable to work and were looking for sources of income, so this caused me pain. I chose to help solve this pain by providing social media tips on an Instagram page to help them monetize their talents. I saw this as my way to serve others so this became my purpose.

This purpose is what drives me to get started and put my work out there. I’m prioritizing consistency in my work and serving my community and de-prioritizing my fears and ego. I’m putting into action what I learned from Jay Shetty as a coach.

Jay gives more insight on how to find your passion, get started, and make a big impact on the world at the free online event, Virtual Success Summit.