“What we’re really creating here are uniforms for conscious living,” says Jeff Scult, CEO and founder of the regenerative clothing brand One Golden Thread, “Everything designed is about celebrating well-being.”

Scult believes that we, as humans, are inextricably intertwined with nature, so his vision for One Golden Thread is to shape fashion into a tool that maintains this connection and replenishes both the body and the earth. “The clothing is just an alibi,” he reveals, “This is how we get people to pay attention: design clothing to be badges of honor.”

Fashion is soon to be our most polluting industry, but Scult says it’s not just harming our environment, it’s harming our bodies: “People forget that our largest organ is our skin, and we’re artificially suffocating it with the synthetic clothes we wear.”

The material design of One Golden Thread tackles this problem. With a novel blend of sustainably-sourced tree fibers, Lenzing Tencel, and super-luxe Supima cotton, which requires less water than traditional cotton, the clothing pieces offer a decadently soft, breathable fabric for the skin.

While this production focuses on minimizing environmental impact, Scult believes it’s critical to go beyond sustainability and employ regenerative practices. “Business can be a collective force for social good, and sustainability alone is not a model for impact, as it is, at its best, maintainability,” Scult says. Therefore, one tree is planted in honor of each purchase. “Trees are nature’s worker bees for the planet,” shares Scult, “Planting trees is the fastest path to positive climate change.”

Scult truly believes that One Golden Thread harnesses our connection to nature as a means to replenish the body and the earth. Instead of toxifying our bodies, our soil, and our oceans, One Golden Thread seeks to create timeless style pieces to remind that we are always golden inside, fostering well-being from the inside out.