Recently, I sat down for an interview with Jeremy Haynes, about getting hypnotized for success. Jeremy is a high level digital marketer, and contributes a lot of his success to being hypnotized. We talked about the process, how it happened, and the results he’s seen from it.

  • Jeremy, how did you come across the idea of being hypnotized for success?

Jeremy Haynes: I was watching this interview from an entrepreneur I look up to, Rob Dyrdek. When he casually mentioned that one of the biggest contributing factors to his wealth was getting hypnotized for success by this doctor in La Jolla, California named George Pratt

I immediately went and researched everything I could, and found George had hypnotized a few of my mentors, including the old school marketing automation guy, Frank Kern! My assistant scheduled a set of appointments on December 26th, 27th, and 28th so I could enter the new year on the best foot forward possible.

  • What did you see as the key benefits of going in?

Jeremy Haynes: Well, I had read a few books on the subject from Richard Bandler and John Grinder. From what I understood, hypnotism is the equivalent of a decade of regular therapy in a few sessions. George mentioned to me that the average human, by age 25, has 10 significant traumas that create limiting beliefs that cap our potential. 

After years of investing into myself, reading, hiring mentors, taking courses, and all my life lessons, nothing seemed to compare to the impact and growth potential of getting hypnotized for success. In my second time seeing George, which was six months after my initial hypnotism, instead of having to clear traumas since that was dealt with in my first series of sessions, he asked, “if there was one trait, or one charactersitc, that if you had at full potential, would make it all possible for you, what would it be?”

I’ve never found something that’s made me as excited, and gotten me as much result.

  • What was it like? How long did the process take?

Jeremy Haynes: I went in initially for three, 90 minute sessions spread over three days. 

The process for clearing trauma is interesting to say the least, and you’ve for sure never done anything like this before. I was very open to the experience, and did not come into it with expectations. 

George leverages kinesiology and energy psychology for clearing trauma prior to the hypnotism for success. Neither of which I had had much experience with hands on, only through reading.

It’s very tranquil if you go in person. George’s office is clean, quiet, and comfortable. Another added benefit is La Jolla, California is a beautiful city, with very friendly people. 

  • What did you do in your sessions? 

Jeremy Haynes: It’s tough to describe and would ruin the experience by adding expectations for others, as each person’s session will be unique to their needs and the amount of trauma they need to clear prior to getting hypnotized.

What I will say, is that it’s weird and worth it.

  • What were some of the main things you wanted to get “scrubbed” out of your brain?

Jeremy Haynes: Reframed is a better term. Most of our traumas that have created limiting beliefs in us define our behavior and our potential. The first step was auditing my life for the known the trauma, and the trauma I was unaware of.

After I dug up some of the bigger ones, we worked with those first and cleared them up through reframing and mental release processes. Some of the bigger ones included near death experiences, some of my bigger failures, and some of my old friends betraying me.

  • What benefits have you seen since then?

Jeremy Haynes: The results have been substantial for me. The biggest result has been a complete removal of that smaller inner voice of doubt. It’s completely gone.

I’m much more productive, I have no social anxiety, I speak with more conviction and confidence, my goals feel more real and satisfy me more as I achieve them. I’ve also noticed more clarity accessing data internally, along with better moods and sustained energy. 

Every action I take towards my goals, feels significant and appreciated, which is a big change for me compared to how I used to feel about my success and accomplishments.

  • Who would be a person you’d recommend to do the same thing? 

Jeremy Haynes: Study up on the subject first, and don’t view it as the magic pill. You might think you’re going in with the intention of getting hypnotized for success, but what you’re really doing is facing your biggest traumas and clearing them up. Only then, are you actually getting hypnotized, which will be well worth it for any pursuing personal development.