Let’s face it, Christians are terrified.  Their norms have been completely disrupted and their resources to cope are either dwindling or near extinction, including those offered by “brick and mortar” churches.  At a time when Christians need it most, “church” is out.”  Or is it?

The fact is, the traditional way of worshiping Jesus Christ may be gone currently and for the foreseeable future, no doubt.  But this reality has done nothing to diminish the Lord’s presence in Christian’s lives.  Quite the opposite in fact.  It’s fueled it, which includes an online revival of mass proportion through social media outlets like Instagram, Parler, and especially Tiktok. 

Faith leaders of all kinds are communing with thousands of Christians daily.  They are spreading the biblical word, offering support as well as understanding where needed, and leading prayer to help inspire, calm and carry their followers through these trying times.  And that isn’t the end of it…No Siree!   Individuals who barely ever found themselves in church before have embraced the rebirth with a voracity that might have even surprised them had circumstances been different.  And these newfound congregationalists as well as congregations are unifying — producing a coalition of believers (and self-proclaimed “Patriots”) who won’t be talked out of their faith nor freedom.

If eliminating Jesus Christ from this world was actually part of some devious, tyrranical agenda like plenty of devout individuals insist, the exact opposite has occurred.  Suffice it to say, continued lockdowns and political discourse will only perpetuate the movement, if not grow it even more rapidly.  Proverbs 3:5-7 explains the thinking underneath — “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  And do not lean on your own understanding.  In all ways acknowledge Him, And he will make you paths straight.”

And so Christians do, devoid of any “straight path” in which to rely upon other than that promised by the emergence of the “Star of Bethlehem” this December 21st and the Savior that it celebrates.  “He Reigns!” alongside similar, resounding cries of HIS imminent return surround the event.  Thus, plenty of eyes will be on that star that night, I assure you, as social media spiritual leaders continue to baptize new believers and guide their existing followers into the arms of their namesake and away from the “beast,” who they regard as man-made and extremely heathenistic.    

Christianity has definitely experienced a “great reset” at the hands of the very things that threatened its extinction.  And they say, “Miracles” no longer happen.  Numerous critics on both sides of the religious aisle may now think otherwise.

On that note, I wish you and your families Peace, Joy, Health & Hope throughout the Holidays and in the New Year ahead.