Michelle Periquet and Firouze Zeroual

We are thrilled to open 2019 with a chapter of the TrueSelf series. This edition, From Surviving to Thriving, gives us a glimpse into a journey of health experienced by two friends who created opportunity from misery which led to the creation of an inspiring business partnership.

After visiting with several doctors who could not offer a remedy for Fi’s debilitating illness, she discovered a book on saunas that mentioned “hair mineral analysis testing” and it’s powerful capability to identify the source of illness and through nutritional balancing return the body back to optimal performance. With nothing left to lose, Fi and Michelle both had their mineral analysis performed and followed the recommended protocol to bring their biology back into balance at the cellular level. Within eight months, Fi was feeling significantly better. Inspired by the dramatic results  the two partnered to create Reset Yourself help others experience this new found ability to optimize their health.

Reset Yourself is the the science-based metabolic optimization approach that uses hair mineral analysis to generate bio-individual nutritional balancing and lifestyle solutions designed to restore the body’s optimal energy producing capacity and enhance the wellbeing of your body, mind, beauty and spirit at the cellular-level.

By analyzing a small sample of the hair, Reset Yourself is able to detect unidentified imbalances occurring at the cellular level, producing a unique metabolic blueprint of how your body metabolizes mineral and toxins. Your metabolic blueprint is more than a report, it provides a personalized nutritional and complete lifestyle plan including diet, fitness, meditation, red light therapy, meditation and so much more. Reset Yourself can give you an unprecedented viewpoint on the critical biological activity related to your liver, adrenals, thyroid/hormonal, and digestion, it can even tell you how stressed you really are and how hard your body is working to ease that stress. Reset’s clients have resolved hair loss, weight gain, low sex hormones, leaky gut,  depression and anxiety, sluggish thyroid and liver, high stress, and in the process increased energy and performance. 

I caught up with Michelle Periquet and Firouze Zeroual at the Soho House Amsterdam to learn more about their story and their vision for Reset Yourself.

What is your WHY? 

Fi: After experiencing such an intense mystery illness, it made me realize treating symptoms without understanding the root cause is a waste of time, resources and money. And because Michelle and I both experimented with the hair test, and our results were so completely different, I now know how absolutely crazy it is to try and treat everyone with the same protocols and solutions. We are all unique, and being the best version of yourself is going to look much different for everyone. 

I cannot begin to tell you how the hair test transformed my health and how I view life. I was so inspired, I immediately wanted to learn more about it and received a certificate in Nutritional Balancing. Much of what I learned no one was talking about, not even the most alternative practitioners and I started sharing it with anyone who would listen. Soon our friends with severe migraine, hair loss, and fatigue began taking the test and following their recommended personalized protocols and seeing the same amazing results I had. I then knew we had something really special that could take people from surviving to thriving.

Michelle: Watching Fi experience such profound healing, and getting the opportunity to address some of my own previously undetectable problems (the hair test revealed I had high mercury levels), inspired me. If both of us could experience optimal health I knew this was a powerful tool we needed to share with as many people as possible. While the first steps are detecting and then resetting the body into a balanced state, it also gives everyone the power to take charge of their health and experience optimal wellbeing – it’s exciting to know no matter what you’re experiencing with your health you can absolutely not only feel better but actually experience optimal wellness.

“If both of us could experience optimal health I knew this was a powerful tool we needed to share with as many people as possible”

Michelle Periquet

2.When did you realize Reset Yourself would not only be a hobby but a viable business?

Fi: When we began offering it to friends and they began following the protocol and experiencing even more dramatic results than I had. It was also intriguing and exciting to see while unprecedented results were possible, it wasn’t a quick fix, it was a process that required special attention and support from someone highly skilled and trained. 

Michelle: Even though both of us had different experiences we both became “new people” as a result of following the protocols designed from the hair mineral analysis test, that experience was so inspiring and energizing. I was so inspired by my results I wanted to create products that could help reduce or eliminate the biggest toxin loads I and many of our friends were seeing on their tests – mercury and aluminum. I quickly learned one of the main sources of these toxins comes from many of our beauty products such as deodorants. While there were several “natural” products on the market I found them to be less than efficacious and the packaging even more unattractive. So I became curious  and figured out how to make a superior product that would support not only those who were suffering from high toxin levels but could also be used as a viable effective, yet beautiful, alternative to the traditional products found in most stores. With my focus on product development and Fi on the hair test and developing effective protocols we knew we could provide a 360-approach to optimal living and helping people become the best version of themselves. 

3. How do you find your purpose in Life, is it a journey or a destination?

Fi: Before I got sick and healed myself I was focused on the destination, which is really what caused me to become so ill. Now I realized the journey, enjoying the journey and getting as much out of every moment I can is really the secret to a happy, healthy and well lived life. This is what it really means to thrive instead of survive. 

Michelle: To me, both helped us in finding our purpose in life. It’s just that when going through a journey, ‘its important to smell all flowers on the road’ this has taught me a great number of life’s lessons. The unexpected twists and turns have made me wiser, and funny enough, as my plan has evolved, the destination I thought I was headed for has shifted and changed many times over. So now I still make sure I’m clear on what I want, but I don’t get hyper focused on it, I allow for change and work on going with the flow and get excited to see where life wants to take me.

4. What is your takeaway of Fall, learn, get up…. do it again? What is your note to Fi at thee beginning of this Journey. Looking back can you send a card to yourself?

Fi: The lesson I learned is failure is an attempt to succeed. Every attempt I’ve made, even if it’s failed or didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, was forward momentum towards my dreams and desires. Failure has taught me to not give up but rather to try something else, a new approach, and new strategy and new tactic. When you believe in something as much as I believe in sharing Reset Yourself with the world, you can never give up, you learn and you redirect. I’m constantly telling myself “You can do it!” .

Celebrate every step, even the failures, but don’t try to be perfect”

Firouze Zeroual: Card to Myself

Michelle: I’ve always been a perfectionist, doing whatever I could to avoid mistakes, but I can now see the toll it takes on my mind, heart and body. Creating Reset Yourself and celebrating even our small every day accomplishments has taught me to try even the things that seem difficult, because I always gain something. Reset has made me a stronger, more flexible, more discerning and smarter person. 

5.  What inspires you? 

Fi: Life generally is a fabulous inspiration. But people are my greatest inspiration, especially our clients. It’s so fascinating learning about mind/body connection, how the brain works, understanding the impact of neuroscience, mindfulness and energy has on each individual’s wellbeing and ability to live optimally.

Michelle: I love to travel, I find so much beauty and inspiration in new cultures. I’m  especially inspired when I see people who live their passion and help humanity, using their passion to make a contribution to mankind. Our clients are one of my biggest motivators, their praises and transformation stories constantly astonish me. It fills me with joy to know we’re providing a way for them to make such a positive impact for themselves, in their own lives. It’s not us, it’s all them, we merely provide the test and make some recommendations, they’re the ones that do the work and make it happen, for themselves.