17-year-old Jiwanta Panday is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Irving, Texas whose music has helped dozens of individuals find happiness and draw inspiration to achieve success in their lives. 

In this article, Jiwanta shares how he’s been able to ward off stress, overcome obstacles, and properly avoid burnout.

Avoiding Burnout  

To help avert burnout, Jiwanta shares that he engages in exercise to help him ease the tension. He explains that exercise helps you create a sense of well being and alleviate stress. Physical activities have been known to help improve your body’s ability to use oxygen and also improve blood flow which both have a direct impact on your brain.

Apart from this, he also recommends that you set time aside for leisure and make sure you dedicate this time to do just what you love. You shouldn’t get so caught up in work-related issues that you former to take care of your own needs.

“Nurturing yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Take some time out of your day and just do what you love. It’s important that you’re not overworking yourself and give yourself a break.”- Jiwanta shares.

Warding Off Stress

Stress is something we all experience. It can be caused by a variety of reasons; a job interview, a speech, or maybe something as simple as hanging out with friends.

Jiwanta’s first tip for warding off stress is to connect with other people. He explains that face to face interactions with other people can trigger a cascade of hormones that counteracts the body’s Fight Or Flight Response.  This is a natural stress reliever and you might make some new friends along the way. 

Apart from the biological effects, this is also a good way to ask for help or advice for a situation you might be dealing with, don’t try to do everything alone. You’re gonna have to work with other people at some point.

His second tip is to manage your time better. Poor time management can result in a lot of stress when you’re running behind it’s hard to stay calm and focused. 

You shouldn’t over-commit yourself, Instead, prioritize your tasks and tackle them in order of importance. You don’t want to try to do everything all at once because then you’re just gonna get overwhelmed and it will throw you off balance. So it’s best if you make a schedule to be more organized and have better time management.

Conquering Your Obstacles 

The most common obstacle people face these days is the fear of what people think about them- and this is exactly what Jiwanta faced when he first started out. The fact is that what other people think can either have a positive or negative influence on you or can offer nothing but negativity. No matter who you are, you’re gonna have people who aren’t happy with your success and that’s just the sad truth, it’s inevitable.

Jiwanta shares that he overcame this simply by recognizing valid criticism. 

“Having the ability to recognize when an opinion is useful you gotta know when opinions can be used to your advantage or if the opinion is a complete hindrance that should be disregarded and ignored.”- Jiwanta


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