Sometimes we get certain ailments, which we take for something completely natural, and although they significantly affect the quality of our life and our work, we do nothing with them. We have the impression that it happens so and it will pass by itself. Unfortunately, the longer we don’t pay attention to them, the more they get worse. It is obvious that fatigue occurs after doing physical work, but mental work can also tire. There is a belief that sitting at a desk must be light and pleasant, and only the blue collar workers understand fatigue. It’s not true. Everyone can feel them, and there is nothing inappropriate, let alone embarrassing, about it. My name is Daniel Lugowski, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION specialist from Paraphrase Online, and we are going to check if you are getting symptoms of work fatigue!

The causes of burnout

There can be many causes of work fatigue. Most often it means that we don’t want to miss anything and we keep our finger on the pulse. Even after work, we do not rest, we check what is happening, we carry out our tasks much longer than we should. We do not sleep, we do not remember what relaxation is, and this is why we get tired. Everything leads to workaholism, and every minute of laziness makes us feel remorse.

He is also tired of excess responsibilities. If we do so many tasks that 8 hours a day is definitely not enough, rest is lost. In such a situation, there is also often a lot of stress. Such a mixture is already a path to professional burnout.

Symptoms of work fatigue

What are the symptoms of work fatigue? In addition to the fact that most of the time we dream about going to bed and going to sleep fully, we can also feel weak. We catch infections more easily, we have weaker immunity. The more we are tired, the less efficiently we work, we cannot organize ourselves, and we can forget about concentration.

As fatigue goes on for longer and we don’t do anything about it, we become more depressed and stressed. As the situation continues, fatigue can become chronic – thus, our health can deteriorate significantly, and fatigue can turn into depression.

How to fight burnout?

If you notice symptoms of fatigue and feel weak, do not wait and take a well-deserved vacation if you can afford it. Try to cut yourself off from everything and relax as much as possible, spending your time the way you like the most.

Learning to rest is also a good way to fight fatigue. Set aside time every day that you devote only to yourself. Thanks to this, you will be able to free yourself from tiring thoughts and relax.

Try as much as possible not to be at work after work. Checking your email will not hurt, but also allow yourself to get away from everything, be offline and not think about what may be happening in the company. We have a rule in Paraphrase Online, where the person responsible for rest and relaxation in the company tries to make sure that employees are not tired. For us, it is very important that the employee is not stressed, that he comes to work refreshed.

If your fatigue is dragging on, your health deteriorates, you cannot focus and you are not happy with anything, you may need to contact a specialist. The sooner you realize how destructive fatigue can be, the better. Sometimes the tension, stress, the need to be at hand, to get better and better, may make us unable to rest without the help of a specialist and proper therapy.