Let’s face it, finding a job is a full-time job. Pre-COVID-19 era, finding a job seemed hard enough, with all of the spoken and unspoken rules of obtaining employment. It wasn’t enough to have a degree or valuable work experience, you had to dress to impress, ace the interviews, and network. Now, everything is 100% virtual, and for some, this has made job hunting that much harder. 

Not only do you need to show valid qualifications in your resume, cover letter, and possibly a work sample, you must slam dunk your interviews, virtually! You must attend virtual job fairs to network, and stalk hiring managers on LinkedIn. It may feel like your chances to create meaningful connections with HR representatives or hiring managers is slim, but there is still hope! 

As this pandemic persists, society is adapting to the new normal, especially in the job market. New positions are being created to support work from home efforts, positions that used to be in-office only are transitioning to 100% remote, and people are relocating to places they want to live while maintaining their current remote position. Even though a great deal has changed, the new job market has provided a great deal of opportunity and flexibility for many people. 

Also, we are witnessing history, as many cities across the world are moving in a futuristic direction. According to a new study, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Boston are among the most future-focused cities in the world. These bustling cities are full of opportunities, and with the option to work remotely, you could land a job in one of these areas. When job hunting in post-COVID-era, you want to focus on cities that are moving in a forward direction. Areas that fall behind the curve may not be able to provide as much opportunity among the job market. 

If you’re currently job hunting or thinking about starting, here are a few tips for landing a job in COVID-era. 

Continue to Network 

Sending countless emails and direct messages may be exhausting, but it is necessary for the job-hunting process. This is one of the best ways to make connections fast. Another good way to network is to simply ask for help. Many people have publicly posted on LinkedIn to let their connections know they are looking for a position. You may be surprised at who reaches out to you. Also, keeping making connections, add as many people as you can that are relevant to your industry, and work at companies you are interested in. In fact, LinkedIn says that applicants on the platform are three times as likely to get a job at a company they have a connection with. 

Be Specific About Your Goals 

Whether you are looking for a new position within your current field or transitioning into another career, specific about your goals. Know what type of position you want, the pay you desire, and how you want to climb in the next few years. Employers love when you know what you want. 

Do Your Research 

Look into which industries and companies are hiring the most. This will help you target opportunities better. For example, if you are in marketing, see what companies are in a hiring surge and who is trying to rebuild or reinvent their brand. Everyone needs marketing, and chances are they have an opening in their department. 

Follow Virtual Meeting Etiquette 

If you have successfully made it through the first steps of job-hunting, it’s now time to bring your A-game to the interview. However, interviewing in post-COVDID-era is quite different. You will most likely have a virtual interview, so you must follow certain protocols. Pick a quiet space, with good lighting, and a nice background. Be sure to dress professionally, style your hair, and bring a smile. Even though you’re at home, some things remain the same. You should dress your best no matter what!