Were you in the middle of your job search when the pandemic hit? For many of my clients, this was the case. After the shock of quarantine and our “new normal” settled in, many are looking at their future and wondering what’s next.

We may have to social distance for a while but that doesn’t mean your job search should stall. Companies are still proactively hiring—and are looking for someone like you.

The bright side about working from home now is that you can freely job search as you wish. Take this time to get your job search game ready.

So, what should you do right now to stay on top of your job search?

✅ RESUME. Update your resume.  Does it convey your message and brand? Is it up-to-date with your current role? Are your most recent accomplishments listed? Do you have keywords sprinkled throughout? Is it forward-focused? Is it relevant to the role you want? One of the most common complaints I hear from recruiters is the resume is tailored to the position posted. Make sure your resume states what the position calls for. If you aren’t sure, have a friend or colleague look at it. Or better yet, ask a professional resume writer to review it.

✅ LINKEDIN. Update your LinkedIn profile as well. Did you know that 95% of recruiters and hiring managers go to LinkedIn first to source candidates? Do you have a current photo? Updated your most recent roles? Have you utilized the new “featured” tool to display projects and achievements? Is everything filled out? LinkedIn is one of the best tools job seekers can use in their job search. There are so many different ways to use it, including networking, the Jobs tab, groups, company research, and more. Dig in to LinkedIn and learn how it can benefit you.

✅ NETWORK. We are all going through this same challenging time so reach out to your contacts. Check in on them. Set up a Zoom meeting so you can chat face-to-face–better yet, invite others. Reach out to second and third connections on LinkedIn as well. Establishing relationships with those in your field and connecting with old colleagues may open up new opportunities. This is a great time to deepen your relationships and create new ones. We need each other right now. Interacting with others when you feel isolated will boost your mood and productivity.

✅ PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Take a class online. Always wanted a certain certification? There’s no better time to move forward with it than when you are stuck at home. E-learning is very popular right now and many places are offering free live streams. Take advantage of those.

✅ INTERVIEW. How are your interviewing skills? Stuck? Enlist the help of an interview coach, or Google interview questions and practice your answers in front of a mirror (watch your facial expressions). You’ll most likely be interviewed via video conferencing or phone. Not sure how to do this? Google it. There are thousands of resources.

Stay focused on your job search. Companies are still hiring!