It’s not easy for everyone to find some free time during the day! Yet, these moments when you are not engaged in your daily obligations can provide you the chance to get involved in activities that you enjoy. Having a hobby is much more than getting involved in something fun. It’s all about dedicating your energy and time to doing something which brings you happiness. And today, it is essential to count on “happiness” as the world is feeling gloomy because of the way the pandemic has impacted our lives.

Hobby and mental health go hand in hand according to John Giorgi

There are several reasons to get engaged in a hobby! And for most people, the mental health benefits top the chart. Here are a few reasons why you should count on having a hobby during the pandemic phase.

  1. It offers a sense of engagement

Hobbies come in every form! It can be physical, relaxing, academic, or creative. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Fishing
  • Journaling
  • Painting
  • Exercise and sports

The primary difference between something fun and a hobby is your engagement level. You can always binge on a TV series, but it doesn’t feed the requirement for your purpose and meaning. However, when you completely immerse yourself in something you love, it helps boost your mental health by moving you away from all your concerns for a time.

  • It helps to reduce stress.

Life has become more stressful currently! And a hobby provides the best way for relaxing from your daily routine and step out from any stressful situation says John Giorgi. Instead of passing your time, a hobby will help you to feel more relaxed, happy, and better equipped to manage the stressors.

  • A hobby can enhance feelings of depression and anxiety

Currently, the pandemic is making people feel depressed and anxious more than ever. When you get involved in a hobby, it can help you reclaim your mental health by instilling a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

  • A hobby helps you rediscover your strengths and interests.

Currently, stress and tension are making everyone feel hopeless and worthless. It is here that a hobby can help you rediscover who you are for real. When you get engaged in activities that spark your interest and involve your talents, you will focus on the brighter side of life and move over the issues plaguing your life. Hence, a hobby will bring light in a gloomy situation and help you discover yourself.

  • You benefit from participation.

Today, you have the option to join an online dance, painting, or yoga class, depending on the hobby that you choose. It’s an excellent way to boost mental well-being says John Giorgi. When you get engaged in a group activity, it helps to offer significant advantages to your overall mental health by:

  • Maximizing the social connections
  • Teaching you the way to deal with challenges and setbacks
  • Enhances your sleep

Hence, a hobby is much more than a leisure activity. Instead, it is something that promotes emotional and mental well-being. And during this pandemic phase, it is essential to add a hobby to your daily list of activities for staying well.