John Spach

The period of self-quarantine is tougher mentally than physically for the patient. To curb the spread of the virus, it is utterly essential to stay indoors and follow the norms of social distancing. However, even while being self-quarantined you can still keep yourself healthy and active. Self-care added with some level of exercise and good eating habits can boost up your fight against this deadly virus.

John Spach Emphasizes the Importance of 3 Important Areas in the Battle Against the Covid-19 Pandemic:

1. Exercise

a. Try to set up a healthy and motivating environment in your room. If you have a balcony house then quarantine yourself in the room having an attached balcony. So that you can have proper access to fresh air whenever required. Do Yoga and Pilates with the sights and sounds of nature.

b. Do Stretching exercises. As during self-quarantine, our body is mostly non-active the risk of it becoming sedentary increases. Hence take out at least 5 to 10 minutes every day to do some stretching and prevent injuries that may occur due to being too much immobile.

c. The outside gyms are inaccessible but the good news is that you can set up your gym inside. Make use of your chairs and tables as props for doing various cardio and weight pieces of training. Use your college bags and heavy books and replace them with the heavyweights of the gym. It is indeed the best time for activating your creative skills and bringing them into action.

2. Eating

a. You might feel some kind of dizziness and laziness in the quarantine period. And grabbing processed snacks and foods might appear an easy option for now. But trust me they are doing no good for you. Hence, it is very essential to plan a healthy meal well in advance.

b. Avoid Stress eating. Most people tend to eat more and carelessly when they are stressed. You must avoid it. Because this can lead you to gain unwanted weight which you might regret later. Instead of these processed and instant maker snacks, you can have dry nuts or seeds which are healthy as well as readymade.

3. Self-Care

a. Practice Mindfulness. It will help you relieve your stress. The Covid era has taught us all the importance of living in the present. And this can be cultivated by practicing Mindfulness. So go and take a break from all the negativity and news around and boost up your mind with a positive and conscious form of energy.

b. Give time to your favorite hobby. Love dancing? Then why wait? Just put on your dancing shoes and groove with the beat. Practicing your favorite hobby not only brings extra energy to your body but also makes you happy from within.

c. John Spach suggests getting a good night’s sleep. It is scientifically proven that taking proper sleep helps our immune system to function properly. Hence, switch off your phones and give your body a relaxed sleep to wake up stronger the next day.


These are tough times. And we all are in this together hence it is very important to keep ourselves and our family members safe and healthy. Practice hygiene. And be positive. This too shall pass.