Johnny Cool is an on-air personality and a member of a radio station in Chicago which specializes in today’s hip-hop, RnB, old-school, and up & coming independent artists.

Today we will learn how Johnny deals with stress and how he’s overcome most of the obstacles that have come his way.

Avoiding Burnouts And Dealing With Stress

To deal with these two drainers, Johnny shares that he enjoys learning new ways to market his brand. These ways include; watching courses, listening to audiobooks and watching successful YouTubers, and listening to successful podcasters. 

Some other ways through which he deals with burnouts and stress are by taking walks, exercising, watching UFC which happens to be a huge part of his life, discovering new music in the Hip-hop and RnB genres, and lastly staying organized. All these alongside being consistent and dedicated to effective time management, help him get by.  

Overcome Obstacles And Achieving Success  

Huge hindrances were trying school and his indecisiveness about what he wanted to do. Over time, he decided and knew in his heart that the entertainment business was for him.  Radio has helped with the growth of his brand and the long term goal is to enlarge his brand, consistently churn out great content and also increase his following while at it.  

Relating to the topic of success, Johnny shares that to get to a certain level of accomplishment, some principles need to be in place. For Johnny, planning out his day, writing things down inside a notebook or on a board, thinking about how to get things done, networking with people and learning new things in order to build his mind-set on life are some of the principles on which he builds his success.