Medina is a young entrepreneur who took the leap of faith and launched a marketing company. Before he became a successful entrepreneur, he woke up every day miserable about his current situation. He was stuck in a 9 to 5 job that he absolutely hated. He was grateful to have money in his bank account, but unfortunately, there was zero opportunity for personal growth and even less fulfillment. “My career choice has positively impacted my life in multiple ways. First, I do not mind working at all! It is my new favorite thing to do. Back when I would work a regular job I hated getting up and going to work on a daily basis, I almost felt miserable going to work regularly! Second, I have so much more time for myself and my family. I constantly focus on my personal growth while spending plenty of time with my family. I don’t miss out on a single thing and live my best life! Third, I am my own boss, in my opinion, nothing is better than that! I have so much freedom and can run things just how I want. However, I do stay focused and make sure I don’t slack off.”

He once had a passion for sports. As a natural-born athlete who stands at a whopping 6’4 inches tall with impressive athletic ability, he had his eyes set on joining the professional league. But a painful injury abruptly puts his NBA dreams on hold. And living in a small community made the likelihood of obtaining an ideal lifestyle extremely difficult.

He needed to find a new passion and a new challenge in his life, and within no time, he found it! “Growing up in a small town called Grandview where the estimated population of the town was around 10,000 people, it was difficult for me to see myself living a life of luxury… owning fancy cars, clothes, and big mansions was an unfathomable concept for me.” 

Overcoming New Challenges

As a young man of the digital age, he understood the power of social media marketing and he’s heard of the many success stories that people have had. Within months, young people were transforming their lives and doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their monthly income. As a man who loves a challenge, he knew that he would do whatever it took to become another success story, and he wasn’t afraid to put in the hard work necessary to make it happen! After only three months of researching, learning, and fine-tuning his skills, he was about to bring in his first five-figure earnings, and his part-time hobby was now a full-time career. “Now I was able to make $20,000 a day using social media & have been able to connect with top influencers on a daily basis.” 

But all of this success doesn’t come without its hardships. To combat stress, anxiety, and work overload, he’s implemented healthy practices and daily rituals and mindsets to keep him positive, happy, and excited about his life. Everyone needs a little time to just unwind and have fun, and Medina is going to give helpful tips to combat the burnout.

Living His Best Life

Medina believes in fueling his mind with positive affirmations and messages by watching inspirational videos. He also takes time to get fresh air and clear his mind, and when he’s in a competitive mood, he indulges in video games. Each fun and relaxing activity, take his mind off of work and responsibilities and allow him to be in the present moment. “The top 3 ways that I manage stress are pretty simple. I go on a walk and clear my mind from all negativity. It’s even better on a nice sunny day where I can really admire a beautiful day out. I jump on a video game and stay focused on the game versus anything negative, this works well because I’m a very competitive person so I really focus on winning. I also watch motivational videos and work on my personal growth, this really helps me because it puts me back into a positive mindset when I learn something new that can benefit my growth.”

As a piece of advice to other entrepreneurs who may be suffering from any number of negative emotions, Medina has this to say, “I would definitely recommend they find a peaceful state of mind. Learn to ignore negativity and focus on solving the issue they are currently running into in their own business. They would need to take action asap. The longer they hold out on the challenge the longer it will be there. Go out and network to face your challenge head-on and handle what needs to be handled.”