Johnny Yukon

Getting To Know Singer and Songwriter Johnny Yukon

Born in Pennsylvania, Johnny Yukon is a top music producer, songwriter, and singer currently based in Los Angeles. Talented in songwriting before making his debut as a singer, he composed music for other artists.

Growing up around music, Johnny came to love all types of music. He recalls often listening to songs, and he would just pause in between the songs to ensure he got the lyrics. To Johnny, lyrics are a significant part of creating his music. As his love for music blossomed, he started writing songs. However, he did not perform the songs himself. He has done songwriting for Young Thug, Camila Cabello, Leon Bridges and TY Dolla $ign

In addition, Johnny co-wrote Internet Money’s “Lemonade” (FT. Don Toliver Guna & Nav), which magnified his influence more so as a songwriter. He also co-produced “Trauma” from Partynextdoor’s Partymobile, which hit  the Top ten of the Billboard 200.

Ready to take the next step in his career, Johnny made his formal debut as a singer, and he released “Installation I”, an album containing eleven songs.  Filled with unique beats and sounds, the album continues to create a buzz, with some of the songs hitting over two million views. 

His latest singles, “Soon” and “Mystery”, continue to chart on various streamng platforms, with “Soon” gaining more than 170,000 views on Youtube alone.

Speaking to Johnny, he says he plans to release his second album, Flight Plan 001, which is due on August 20th this year. Known for his skill to navigate through raw emotions, Johnny believes music is more than beats. Music is home, says Johnny, the only time you get to free your emotions and be everything you have always wanted to be.

According to Johnny, his new album, Flight Plan 001 is an offshoot of his debut album, Installation.  Having a lifelong interest in aviation, Johnny demonstrates his endless creativity as he tries to escape “isolation”. Like most of us, with the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown and many uncertainties, Yukon needed to escape the isolation. In his words, this project is like an airport and every song is like a plane.

Highlighting the challenges of the industry, Johnny notes it is a challenge to continue to push forward and continue to be creative. There will always be critics. Johnny advises not to pay attention to the critics because they can lower your confidence. He urges you to keep your focus on your passion.

With his fresh sound that blends hip-hop and pop, Johnny Yukon continues to redefine the music industry one song at a time. Looking into the future, Johnny hopes to tour the world and expand his international fan base. You can find his music on Youtube, Spotify and Apple music.