A new era of connectivity is upon us, and it could have a lasting impact on how we consume our favourite sports, according to one sports marketing expert.

With 5G rollouts across the globe set to continue apace in 2021, sports fans can look forward to unrivalled experiences and more in-depth data and analysis than ever before, at their fingertips.

And Jonno Turner, an international sports marketing expert, believes that the introduction of the technology means that sports brands, leagues and broadcasters need to reconsider their approach to storytelling and content.

He has highlighted BT Sport and EE’s new Match Day Experience feature as one example of broadcasters taking the initiative and embracing the deeper potential of 5G.

“This is a really exciting development from BT Sport and EE,” he writes in a recent Linkedin post. “A new Match Day Experience feature, bringing global communities together around a live sporting event, in real-time.”

The ground-breaking Match Day Experience feature aims to deliver the UK’s ultimate sports viewing experience through elements such as an interactive timeline and multi-cam replays – and when combined with the power of EE’s 5G network, it delivers a premium viewing experience like no other.

Fans can watch live action together, explore stadia using 360° cameras, access Dolby Atmos full multi-dimensional audio and even play with Manager Mode – allowing more access than ever to real-time data from the field of play.

We profiled Turner, who has previously worked with the likes of Twitter and the Olympic Games, earlier this year – and he claims that this type of innovation could be a game-changer for global sports, especially with fans around the world currently unable to visit stadia to watch live.

“This feature is one of the most advanced 5G developments we’ve seen so far, and allows fans to share a live sport experience together, plus access AR stats and live data. Fans can even add overlays to the live action such as athlete names and performance maps,” he continues.

It’s a natural evolution, enabled by technological advancement – and it’s what fans want, adds Turner. “Sports fans have long held an appetite for more in-depth analysis and more open data, faster than ever before, and now, a fan on the sofa holds in their hands the same amount of live data as a pundit in the studio.”

“This evolution of the viewing experience will soon become the norm, bringing the second screen sports viewing phenomenon full circle by putting the live action, the global community and the developing conversation in the same place.”

At launch, the full set of Match Day Experience features will be available for BT Sport’s regular live Saturday lunchtime Premier League match.

Selected features will also eventually be available for additional BT Sport programming, including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Emirates FA Cup, with availability expanding throughout the season.

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