Jose Granados Teaches Millennials Purpose, Vision, and Direction by Creating a 6-Figure Income In The Water Business

His whole life Jose Granados has been an extremely hard worker. From the young age of 14, he did everything from stacking potato chips at convenience stores, working as a gardener, and working at the flea market. When Jose was a little older, he started working at the same job his dad did. Under his dad’s wing and with Jose’s hard-working mentality, this is when he made a mark in his life. He started as a driver, then a lead generator, and by the age of 19, he was closing deals entirely on his own.

“Knocking doors and getting rejected a lot taught me many humbling and deep life lessons that until this day, I’m grateful for because they are still useful to me”. – Jose Granados

He dropped out of college with only three semesters away from getting a business degree. He climbed up to a management position from a sales representative, and then eventually, he had his own sales team. Jose led a very successful sales team. That success led him to start his own Water Treatment Dealer. As a result of his hard work and success, virtually everyone can agree he has made a massive impact in the industry.

“One thing that I have been cautious with is balancing success and not getting too greedy. When I was blessed to have my own water company, I made my dad half owner. A payback for everything he had done for me. If there is a way I can help out my family, friends, or community you bet I’m going to do it. God, Love, Loyalty, And transparency is what guides me”. – Jose Granados

How do you help millennials create six-figure income in the water business?

From the second that a new consultant gets the job to work at Life Water Solutions, they are provided with a training system that will give them information on the industry and what to expect before getting started. Then I work with them individually to make their first sales and understand the business of helping homeowners and giving value on a large scale.

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