Geographic Farming is a proven method of marketing your real estate business in a neighbourhood or local proximity in a way that builds awareness of your brand, captures leads, earns sales, Joseph Grinkorn explained. references and get listings. We often think that houses sell themselves, putting up our “For Sale” sign and advertising them on the internet. However, there are many factors that by not seeking the proper advice we may be overlooking.

Real estate geographic farming involves staying in touch with residents and building those relationships. The best way to do this is to use an eye-catching, high-value real estate newsletter: market updates, how-to articles, tips, etc. You should also organize a community event every year and build your reputation in the area in other ways.

A lot of work? But you don’t have to do all that heavy work. If you have the right geographic farming system in place – an automated system made for you – then your investment is only a few hours per month.

Next, Joseph Grinkorn shares 4 myths that will help you to know the advantages of hiring your services as a real estate professional:

Myth 2. The more explanations of the potential buyer during their visit to the property, Joseph Grinkon the faster they will be convinced: Many times we think that the more topics of conversation we raise, the faster they will buy from us. In this case, we must remember that the only thing the interested person wants is to see the house, so it is important to never give the feeling of wanting to sell and give him time to ask.

Myth 3. I sell my house and I will not have to make more expenses: It must be remembered that during a purchase-sale operation there will always be additional expenses that we must take into account, such as municipal taxes, state taxes, notary expenses and possibly expenses of cancellation of the mortgage.

Myth 4. I don’t need anyone to sell my house: The mistake is in thinking that we do not need a real estate consultancy when in reality in real estate they will make the house for sale stand out from the rest and help us to carry out the operation in a professional way. For this, Joseph recommended that it is important to choose a real estate agency that differentiates itself by: Providing quality service, that is, a trained professional who works to satisfy our interests, and who also establishes a specialized Marketing plan through services that fit our requirements.

Today, professionalism is essential for an operation to be successful, since any mistake can put the sale of a house at risk, Grinkorn suggested. That is why more franchises are in constant training so that they become experts in the sector and thus guarantee quality in each of the services that differentiate the brand.