Entrepreneur, tax professional, and CEO of Tax Emperor Joseph Lang lives by one mission: to provide clients with the best accounting, tax, and consulting services. There are many tax preparers in the industry. But Joseph Lang is one of the many few who excels at his profession. He firmly believes in his principle, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” Indeed, the success of his clients, whether individuals or companies, are testaments to Lang’s brilliance. 

Studies about today’s younger generation show that a lot fail to be efficient in handling their finances. Some may find it overwhelming because of the terminologies. However, Joseph Lang thinks that nobody should be intimidated by taxes. With the right education on the matter, one can ultimately maximize their money’s worth. 

For over seven years, Lang has helped thousands of business owners save money on taxes by providing efficient tax education, monthly tax planning, and unlimited consultation sessions. Together with his team at Tax Emperor, Lang serves clients both locally and abroad. They have an international team that handles clients across the globe, including Canada and Europe.

With his extensive knowledge, Joseph Lang has been able to reach and build an impressive clientele. He has worked with the biggest brands, A-listers, and the most exclusive personalities. At such a young age, this bachelor has become successful in putting his business on the map and helping others do the same. 

As a tax professional, Lang knows that good practices can lead to better decision making and maximizing profits. To provide a more personalized service to their clients, Lang decided to provide an affiliate program for individuals looking to start a tax business of their own. The program provides a user-friendly course, perfect for beginners and even veterans. 

In the course, Lang discusses a standard overview of tax laws. It also includes an intensive marketing course on how to market and build a clientele. The program also has an interactive course on the tax software to ensure users know how to complete both a business and a personal tax return accurately. It even includes an optional bookkeeping course for individuals looking to obtain business clients. The course can be easily understood by anyone who is looking for a quick and effective run-through program on taxes.

Within three years since its launch, the program gained great success. Those who enrolled have substantially increased their supplementary income. What’s even more amazing is that they managed to achieve high results from the comfort of their own home.

Lang fulfilled the purpose of his program over a short period. Aside from corporations, he also wants to help small to medium-sized businesses and middle-income families to make the most out of their annual tax returns. 

Lang separates himself from the rest of the pack because he holds himself accountable for continuing his tax education. His regular consultations focus on tax liability according to the IRS and state tax law standards. 

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