Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis is an up-and-comer in the world of fitness and bodybuilding and is slowly gaining fame for conducting online training. He was brought up in North Carolina and was exposed to different sports at a very young age. Josh had always been mindful about his health and fitness, and he was able to carry this mindset into adulthood. He is now a regular in bodybuilding competitions with high scores most of the time.

Bodybuilding is defined as the utilization of progressive resistance exercise to develop muscles for aesthetic purposes. This is distinct from similar activities, such as powerlifting and weightlifting because it focuses on physical appearance instead of showcasing strength. Bodybuilding requires an extraordinary amount of discipline and hard work; that’s why people like Josh Lewis are never shy to show off the results.

Before his career in fitness and bodybuilding, Josh was an all-state running back, though he only spent one year in college. His passion for fitness outweighed his desire for sports, as this very thing, he said, is what drives his soul. Later, he started toning his body to be ready for professional bodybuilding competitions throughout the United States and abroad.

When he was about 19 or 20 years old, Josh was already making some waves in the bodybuilding scene. Apart from improving himself to earn some success in competitions, he’s also very passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. Josh assists some people not only in physical fitness but also in developing their mental toughness.

A person doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder to work with him, says Josh, as he is not very extreme in the training he conducts. He’s very willing to help people who simply want to improve their overall fitness and lifestyle, and achieving the body they want in the process. Josh has been training for over a decade, giving his clients assurance that what they’re getting is expertise that’s been tried and tested.

Success in training and remaining disciplined are two of the things Josh wants to impress on anyone seeking his help. He has helped numerous college athletes in improving their overall performance when playing their sport and preventing long-term injuries. Josh highlights the importance of nutrition for the most optimum long-lasting fitness plans that are easy to achieve and maintain.

Josh has slowly gained a strong following on social media, especially on Instagram, where he shares motivational messages to fitness enthusiasts. It is through this platform that people got to know him and experience the high quality of training he offers. Josh opens his doors to people even if they don’t know where to start, as long as they have the desire to be fit and healthy.

The “why” behind every person pursuing fitness always interests Josh as it allows him to know what people need to achieve their goals. The fitness plan he offers is easy to do and maintain, something his clients greatly appreciate. Josh’s desire and passion for fitness and overall health are what drives him to help others experience the great feeling that he, himself, enjoys.