Jeremy and Joshua Mathis have spent the past four years hustling to make a name for themselves in the real estate industry. “Our drive comes from our tough upbringing and being raised by a single mother that showed us hard work every day,” the twins explain. “She worked 22 hours a day; she blessed us with our work ethic.”
The MathisTwins got their start at the age of 12 after starting a business taking out their neighbors’ trash cans. As they aged, they tried their hand at several different business ventures: a lawn service in high school, promotional marketing and a custom clothing line in college, and then a niche dental cleaning business which the duo successfully exited after 18 months. Through it all, one thing remained the same: “We realized that we loved hustling and loved making money.”

With these experiences under their belt, the duo wanted to get into an industry that would provide greater flexibility, while also remaining lucrative, fun, and challenging. They explain, “We currently run a real estate business that involves flipping house and purchasing properties of all types. We have been doing this for four years. We also operate an education business that teaches people about real estate and financial freedom.”
However, they didn’t land on real estate overnight. “We were looking for our next venture after we sold our cleaning company,” they note. “We heard an ad on the radio, went to the seminar, and maxed out a few credit cards to join the program being taught without any research. ​We betted on ourselves.​ They continue, “Some of the biggest challenges when starting a business are lack of knowledge, funding, and usually lack of resources.”

As a result of these lessons learned, after nearly four years in the industry, Jeremy and Joshua have also begun creating resources to pass on the knowledge they have gained throughout the course of their career. The two are passionate about taking care of each and every client that they come across, even if it means missing out on a deal. They note, “We do everything with aspirit of excellence and a commitment to service. We genuinely care about our customers to the point that we have helped them complete transactions with our competition.”

In every aspect of their business, it is clear that the MathisTwins are concerned about much more than monetary success. As girl dads, both Jeremy and Joshua define financial freedom as the ability to take care of their families. Looking to the future, the twins are hopeful that their success will only continue to grow, but they are content to know that their family is provided for. “Success is knowing that our family is taken care of if we leave earth tomorrow,” they say. “We are working on a huge development project right now and we have some special things in the works that we can’t talk about much right now. Just stay tuned!”


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